The best virtual office platforms in 2024

Tried, tested, and reviewed by the community

FocusmateeXo PlatformKosy OfficeSpotSpatialChatUndeskDealLab
Join us at Snowflake Dev Day
Join us at Snowflake Dev Day
Upskill in data and AI, meet fellow builders, and have fun
175 reviews
Focusmate changes the way you work by partnering you with an accountability partner for a live, virtual coworking session that will keep you on task.
Elizabeth Ferrao
Tanya Pereira
Elizabeth Ferrao and 235 others use Focusmate
eXo Platform
29 reviews
eXo Platform is a full-featured and comprehensive digital workplace solution. We want to help you embrace new ways of engaging and collaborating at work. With features like internal communications, seamless team collaboration, and efficient knowledge management, it's the ultimate tool for boosting productivity and enhancing employee engagement.
Wassim Zlitni
Victor Asu
Etinam Umana
Wassim Zlitni and 32 others use eXo Platform
125 reviews
Remote teams, have you ever hosted happy hours on Zoom only to find it really awkward and boring? We totally hear you. Thursday is fun and refreshing - from fast-paced 1-on-1 chats on space colonization to charades to doodle race. Build strong connected teams!
Amelia Charlie
Eivind Håverstad
Luciano Viterale
Amelia Charlie and 33 others use Thursday
Kosy Office
58 reviews
Kosy is a virtual office to be more connected, social and productive where teammates can work, play, network and collaborate together.
Radhakrishnan KG
Clara Champion
Nikita Kostromichev
Radhakrishnan KG and 20 others use Kosy Office
40 reviews
Spot is the complete solution for teams to connect, collaborate, and build culture. Bring the work experience to the next level by combining a unique spatial experience with a powerful team-chat implementation.
Janine N
Joo, Banghyun
Jarod Xu and 26 others use Spot
69 reviews
SpatialChat is built for makers. No matter where you are - in the same room, a collocated office, or remotely. Select the use case: stand-up, all-hands, brainstorming, or water cooler. Get job done with apps you love, share presentations and feel connected.
Almas Abulkhairov
Yana Kuodis
Alex (Sasha) Dolgov
Almas Abulkhairov and 39 others use SpatialChat
8 reviews
Undesk combines a collaborative virtual office & a private productivity tracker. Try Undesk with your team. They'll come for the office energy. They'll stay for the personal productivity.
Yamato Kaneko
Prathima D
Vishal Sugandh
Yamato Kaneko and 16 others use Undesk
6 reviews
Tired of chaotic emails, scattered information, & messy attachments? Customers feel it too. Cut through the clutter with Deallab - a central hub for seamless communication. Wow customers, save time, and win more with DealLab! 🚀
Richard Wei
Lachezar Dinchev
Jack and 22 others use DealLab
65 reviews
Make virtual spaces to bring people together and connect authentically. Gather combines video calling with fun features in a custom 2-D world, making it more spontaneous and enjoyable to get together for work, life, or play. Come join!
Utkarsh Agarwal
Daniel Kim
Utkarsh Agarwal and 83 others use Gather Town
18 reviews
The new way to collaborate with your team. Whiteboard, video conferencing, documentation, and project management in one place.
Marta Clua
wang walton
Chris Chan
Marta Clua and 14 others use ALLO