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Genie AILegalNow - AI lawyer for small businessPortugal Salary Cost CalculatorSpeedLegalLegitt AI Contract GeneratorParalegal AICreative Intell Academy
Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
Genie AI
34 reviews
Genie AI is the world’s most advanced AI Legal Assistant, equipped with highly sought after legal skills. With over 30,000 users, you can understand, customise & negotiate any legal document like a pro with AI legal assistance. Use 'producthunt' referral code when signing up to claim the credit (we will honour this by crediting your account when we introduce pricing in December 2023).
Dimitrios Konstantinidis
Fahri Suran
Dimitrios Konstantinidis and 113 others use Genie AI
LegalNow is your AI-powered legal assistant that simplifies contract creation, review, and management, providing small businesses with accessible, user-friendly, and cost-effective legal support in all your contract needs.
Prem Saini
Kate Ramakaieva
Hamza Afzal Butt and 73 others use LegalNow - AI lawyer for small business
Math done in seconds: input a gross annual salary, and instantly get the full employment cost, including taxes, meal allowance, private health insurance, and remote work benefits. Ideal for businesses assessing hiring expenses. Fast, accurate, and easy to use.
Elisa Tarzia
Pedro Henriques
Carlos Carvalho
Elisa Tarzia and 12 others use Portugal Salary Cost Calculator
6 reviews
SpeedLegal is an AI tool that helps you understand and negotiate contracts better. It can quickly identify potential risks and explain complicated legal terms in simple language. SpeedLegal also gives you personalized suggestions to improve your contract.
Hans Paul Pizzinini
Miriam Andrea Fadda
Hans Paul Pizzinini
Hans Paul Pizzinini and 12 others use SpeedLegal
🎭 Unmask legalese with BetterLegal Assistant 🔤 This AI-powered extension translates tricky legal jargon into clear, plain English 💰 Save a fortune in attorney fees with AI analysis 💪 Take command of the legal world, right from your browser.
Will Tjernlund
Will Chang
Steve Joe
Will Tjernlund and 33 others use BetterLegal Assistant
AI-powered tool for quick contract drafting with AI in seconds. Can be custom trained for specific use cases and requirements.
Team Legitt
Rohit Garg
Team Legitt and 2 others use Legitt AI Contract Generator
Paralegal AI
4 reviews
Paralegal AI was created as a project to help create a unified resource to find information on both complex and simple legal questions. By using a unique AI model and searching through a variety of legal sources, Paralegal AI is able to give (usually) relevant information and succinct summaries.
Steve Joe
Jimmy James
Stephen Stroot
Steve Joe and 35 others use Paralegal AI
Creative Intell is building a suite of business and educational tools modernizing transactions for creators, artists, producers, lawyers, managers, and executives, providing them with the necessary business and educational products, needed to succeed.
Ahmed Mohamed
Sacha Awwa
Ahmed Mohamed uses Creative Intell Academy
With Lawpath you can access expert vetted legal documents, an intuitive eSignature tool, and detailed legal workflows to keep you on track. Access all these from just one platform on any device. No more sleepless nights, or wasted time and money!
Dan Siepen
Ill Robyn
udhay yadav
Dan Siepen and 58 others use Lawpath for Startups and SMBs
A membership for travelers, nomads and expats. Receive up to 20 hours per month for matters pertaining to driving infractions, minor violations, criminal incidents, immigration, visa and initial legal representation (sampling of services typically provided).
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Weronika Popiolek
Saurav  Dewalwar
Andrew Jernigan and 7 others use Legal Guardian