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Startups get over $6,000 of free Notion + unlimited AI
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Manage your agency with our all-in-one platform. Manage projects, clients, HR, Payroll, Asset and finances seamlessly. Scale your business and drive success with our comprehensive suite of features
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120 reviews's Internal Developer Portal enables engineering teams to consolidate and unify their engineering stack and gain automated visibility into their software ecosystem. Rely then provides a custom AI assistant trained on the data available in their software catalog so they can automate tasks throughout the software delivery life cycle (SDLC) to 10x their engineering productivity.
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Focusmate changes the way you work by partnering you with an accountability partner for a live, virtual coworking session that will keep you on task.
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163 reviews is an AI-powered product discovery and strategy platform that helps product teams uncover problems to solve for customers, decide what to build next, and create strategies to drive outcomes.
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Zerve AI
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Zerve’s Data Science Development Environment gives data science and ML teams a unified space to explore, collaborate, build and deploy data science & AI projects.
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A blazingly fast, totally extendable launcher. It lets you complete tasks, calculate, share common links, and much more.
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Solo entrepreneurs and small teams reclaim several hours each week thanks to typedesk text expander. Create text shortcuts that work across all your apps and websites for all your repetitive text content! Forget manual copy & paste, ditch repetitive typing!
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Bobby Hamilton
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110 reviews revolutionizes document translation, combining speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. This powerful tool supports over 85 languages and can handle various file types, including Word, Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint.
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Constant context switching, too many open tabs and distracting notifications - sounds familiar? beams gently guides you through your busy workday - directly from the menu bar. Joining a call or going into undisturbed focus time is now only a keystroke away. Stay tuned!
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Afforai is the AI-powered reference manager for modern researchers. With Afforai, you can manage, cite, annotate your papers, as well as conduct verifiable literature reviews using AI. Our mission at Afforai is accelerate the world's research by designing tools that enhance the capabilities of researchers, not to replace them. Some of our products include: Afforai Reference Manager (ARM), Afforai Cite, Afforai Notebook, Afforai AI Research Assistant.
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