The best messaging apps in 2024

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SwitFriendify AIVanaPolyglossMammoth 2Thirdlane Connect
The world's best login box, powered by WorkOS + Radix
183 reviews
App-switching destroys efficiency by adding friction to your workflow, wasting time and money. Swit 2.0 offers messaging, project management, plug-ins, and integrations in one place at a fraction of the cost, with flexible options to fit any team and any budget.
Vladimir Vladimirov
Phil Mishanin
Dilara Khatun
Vladimir Vladimirov and 406 others use Swit
Friendify AI
27 reviews
Friendify, your personalized chatbot for web and mobile, utilizes advanced GPT tech. Whether you need quick info, file summaries, or image creation, Friendify has you covered. Elevate your interactive experience with its intelligent and responsive features.
Hung Phu
Sang Chen a
Đoan Nguyễn
Hung Phu and 41 others use Friendify AI
Fast. Secure. Powerful.
Jonno Riekwel
Yaroslav Shvetsov
Artyom Sviridov
Jonno Riekwel and 634 others use Telegram Messenger
53 reviews
Vana lets you create a mini-"you" using the power of your data and AI. Clone your voice, generate selfies, and learn about what your data says back to you. Take AI-"you" to applications and explore personalized games, simulations and AI assistant tools.
Sakthi Vignesh
Giridharan Palanisamy
Sakthi Vignesh and 53 others use Vana
13 reviews
Polygloss is a collaborative language learning game for the intermediate level. Are you stuck in "I can understand but can't speak"? Then Polygloss is right for you! Guess images and have fun with a low-stress opportunity to express yourself in 100+ languages.
Jessica Rose
Franklyn Gibbs
Alice Banners
Jessica Rose and 26 others use Polygloss
Mammoth 2
11 reviews
Mammoth is an elegant Mastodon client designed around simplicity and intuitiveness, with specific focus on the user experience. Our "For You" feed brings immediate content to new users of Mastodon, and new content to existing users.
Chris Messina
Andy Piper
Chris Messina and 19 others use Mammoth 2
Thirdlane Connect, a versatile communication and team collaboration app, offers chat, voice, video calls, conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, CRM, and seamless integration with business applications. It facilitates multichannel communications and team collaboration for local and remote workers on various devices and platforms. Powered by and fully integrated with Thirdlane Business Phone System or Multi Tenant PBX, it ensures secure deployment on-premises or in the private/public cloud.
Mike Winch
Bruce S
Arthur T
Mike Winch and 13 others use Thirdlane Connect
19 reviews
Say goodbye to language barriers and writing errors with our AI-powered Language Assistant! Whether you need help correcting texts, rephrasing sentences, or translating content, our AI-powered bot is here to assist you every step of the way!
Artyom Shimanski
ori sela
SOURABH UPRETI and 80 others use FixMeBot
9 reviews
Rasayel is a business communication platform for sales, service, and customer engagement over WhatsApp. Close more deals and cut support time in half using Rasayel's robust automations, chatbot builder, shared team inbox, mass broadcasts, and analytics.
Tarek Khalil
Mohamed Elbadwihi
Chaman Sharma
Tarek Khalil and 37 others use Rasayel
6 reviews
EngageLab Message Service Platform including AppPush, WebPush, WhatsApp Business API, Email, SMS and other products, has the following advantages: 1)A higher delivery rate 2)High cost-effectiveness 3)More channels to reach customers
Xiao Lijun
Adolfo Smith
Xiao Lijun and 19 others use EngageLab