The best live streaming platforms in 2024

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HZP is a music app like no other. Bring YOUR MP3 files into the app and listen to them in any Solfeggio Frequency tuning. Don't Have MP3's? Stream over 1,000,000 songs from the Audius music catalog. Enjoy the benefits of Sound Healing with any song!
wxs Li
Damien Bradshaw
Christopher Casco
wxs Li and 0 others use HZP is the First Web3 Peer-to-Peer Creator Economy. Helping creators live stream and keep 100% of their earnings, benefit together, and always control the funds!🎉 Traditional sites like Twitch/OnlyFans/Facebook take 20-50% or more of creators' earnings. Log in with Twitter, Discord, or Telegram, and let us know what you think!🕺
Lisa Stanley
Rose Linda
Layla and 28 others use Keep 100% and control funds!🎉
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Go live seamlessly (no software or setup required). Ultra-low latency with real-time collaboration with up to 9 streamers per channel to millions of viewers. Chat with viewers with integrated AI. (AI-powered video/audio coming soon).
Andrew Dale
Ali Haider
Andrew Dale and 9 others use Mage
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Discover the most powerful and trusted platform for products, influencers, live streams, and more on TikTok. We are here to help you experience the ultimate in TikTok data analysis.
Sakthi Vignesh
Rui BlackberryjellyBubblegum
FastMoss and 4 others use FastMoss
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🍿🎥WatchMingle is a website where you can watch movies with others worldwide.💬You can chat with them while watching movies💬. 🍿It's just like a cinema but on a website🍿. Who knows? You can find other people with the same interest in movies as you! 🍿🎥
Genevieve Lopez
Andrea Hopkins
Ghost Kitty
Genevieve Lopez and 20 others use WatchMingle
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Gyre is a tool for 24/7 live streaming of pre-recorded content that may significantly boost your channel by attracting more views, increasing channel watch time, enhancing audience engagement, and generating additional revenue.
Alion Edgerts
Alion Edgerts uses Gyre
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Origits makes it easy to play and manage videos on sites. 📺 High-quality playback without ads ⚡️ No-code UI to setup player 📈 Analytics & built-in marketing tools 🧲 One JS tag to control everything Managing videos on websites gets faster and easier.
Dry Monster
Dry Monster uses Origits
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Connect3 is a universal social layer that aggregates, restructures, and distributes decentralized social data on the Open Web. We connect users to people, content, and services they are interested in, and empower builders with next-level social data accessibility and interoperability.
Cox Zhang
Tharana Udanii
Bella Ho
Cox Zhang and 17 others use Connect3
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Social networking and community platform that offers unique features for creating and publishing content. LivelyPencil offers a text-based live broadcast service that will be tried for the first time in the world.
Ayhan Ergezen
Rebecca Michael
Tye Christopher
Ayhan Ergezen and 0 others use LivelyPencil
Buzz Chat
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Buzz Chat is a social platform built primarily to help people deliver their content worldwide. Buzz Chat is a first class African social platform. Buzz Chat is one of Africa's leading social media platforms. Buzz Chat also provides extra perks like AI powered tools to enhance your social networking experience. With a new feature like BApps you can get your web apps published on our marketplace and drive all the traffic you need
Frederick Abila
Emmanuel Amarfio Mensah
Frederick Abila uses Buzz Chat