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Truuu: Trivia Quiz Audio GameChicken RushTheDevCardsWord CrossFUZE: Gaming CommunityStealth ChessWord HunterLast Bottle
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Truuu is a unique audio trivia game designed to entertain, educate, and engage. Whether you're a trivia enthusiast, a lifelong learner, or just looking for some audio fun, Truuu has something for everyone.
Etienne Marais
Romario Lourenco
Anthony Chase
Etienne Marais and 18 others use Truuu: Trivia Quiz Audio Game
Chicken Rush
1 review
Chicken Rush is a wild chicken-chasing experience for adults combining a scavenger hunt with hide & seek and adding a circle that shrinks every 2 minutes like those Battle Royale games. It's wild.
Ghost Kitty
ahmed Joseph
Ghost Kitty uses Chicken Rush
1 review
Tech-themed playing cards with huge inspiration from Renaissance art, Punch cards, Geometry and SVGs all blended artistically to create good-looking playing cards.
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TheDevCards and 0 others use TheDevCards
Word Cross
1 review
Embark on a linguistic journey with Word Cross, the premier word puzzle game on the Play Store
Ghost Kitty
Dhruv Soni
Adekunle Olawale
Ghost Kitty and 2 others use Word Cross
FUZE is an app that allows you to store and share your life's games and precious memories. Create your own TOP 10 lists with a database of console games from all generations and discover the joy of finding gamers with similar tastes.
Stealth Chess
0 reviews
Stealth Chess, the ancient royal game of conquering kingdoms, is back after almost 30 years! This award-winning game is all about setting up with strategy, moving in secret, and capturing the King! There's no check or checkmate.
Word Hunter
0 reviews
Word Hunter is an advanced solver for iPhone's iMessage Word Hunt game, featuring a legacy UI design, pattern visualizer, and customizable automation features for word hunting on both desktop and mobile.
munachim nwoye
Ghost Kitty
munachim nwoye uses Word Hunter
Last Bottle
0 reviews
Make your last single use bottle, your last. Explore a plastic bottle's recycling journey, exposing the harsh realities of how ineffective the recycling solutions are to the global plastic problem.
0 reviews
Mingler: An iOS app for sparking conversations & creating connections. Dive into diverse decks for any scenario—perfect for friends, old & new. Play offline. Buy once, enjoy forever. Transform gatherings into memorable moments!
Alex adam
Alex adam uses Mingler
Flappy Musketeer is an exciting mobile game designed as a tribute to the visionary entrepreneur, Elon Musk. In this game, you take on the role of the bird/ship/doge and guide it through a challenging universe filled with obstacles!