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GT Protocol TradingSharpe LabsCoreKima NetworkIntractTradetomatoToken Talent
Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
A Web3 AI tech for CeFi, DeFi, and NFT markets via conversational AI. AI deal execution interface Automated AI trading In-depth market analysis (off-chain/on-chain) AI trading signals AI arbitrage Portfolio and NFT management
Cat Smile
Johny burg
Daniel Henry and 2072 others use GT Protocol Trading
Sharpe Labs
170 reviews
Sharpe is an AI-powered crypto super app, serving as a unified frontend for intelligence, tracking, and investing in digital assets. With over 70k users in less than two months since its launch, Sharpe is now the fastest-growing crypto super app.
Maxime Beneteau
Gilbert Anka
Maxime Beneteau and 457 others use Sharpe Labs
132 reviews
Transform your Web3 experience with Core's integrated suite of products: mobile app, browser extension, & web portfolio. Buy, swap & bridge crypto, collect NFTs, access dApps, & build a wallet w/ Core's SDK. Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, & EVM chains.
Anh Le
Garplatonov🔺 Early contributor @Phuture
Giuseppe and 126 others use Core
Kima Network
992 reviews
Kima is a transformative blockchain infrastructure that is revolutionizing the way financial institutions, Web3 applications, and fintech companies leverage the power of digital assets and blockchain technology.
Tomer Warschauer Nuni
GM Kamrussama
Ferdi Akur Milano
Tomer Warschauer Nuni and 2092 others use Kima Network
422 reviews
Intract is the go-to platform for Web3 user acquisition and loyalty campaigns, with 5M+ active, real users on-chain. We proudly pioneer the no-code verification system for on-chain tasks. Our platform boasts a set of unique features such as Loyalty programs, a unified points system, a KOL marketplace, rewards hub, and plenty of others.
Soroosh Rabet
Rachi Noya
Soroosh Rabet and 755 others use Intract
98 reviews
Tradetomato is a next-generation platform for trade and portfolio automation across CeFi, DeFi, and Web3 services.
Donna Gerrard
Tinna Williams
Donna Gerrard and 150 others use Tradetomato
Boost your web3 outreach with Web3 Founder Connect. Gain direct access to decision-makers in 2000+ web3 projects, and expand your reach with 2100+ web3 Twitter and YouTube influencers, podcasts, news publications, and Telegram channels.
Albite Zurita
Jhuma Khatun
Riya Pal
Albite Zurita and 99 others use Web3 Mega Bundle: Data For Outreach
Token Talent
26 reviews
Token Talent: A Web 3.0-driven HR platform seamlessly streamlining processes for mid-sized companies. Elevate efficiency and empower your workforce.
Frances Reyes
Zubair Ayaz Asim
Ammad Majeed
Frances Reyes and 42 others use Token Talent
49 reviews
Whitepay is the best payment gateway that allows business & charity organisations accept 140+ cryptocurrencies from any crypto wallet. We provide next crypto-solutions: acquiring, processing, invoicing, top-up balance, donations, streaming widgets, PoS. As a plus : API integration, CMS plugins for WooCommerce, Opencart, Magento2
aliza beth
Mark Curz
Lisa Stanley
aliza beth and 111 others use Whitepay
21 reviews
Free, instant payouts for your global team in USDC or Fiat. We handle on/off-ramping and provide up to 7% APY on your balance.
Anthony Green
Martha Baker
Anthony Green and 89 others use Wind