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Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
Relai App
172 reviews
Relai is an Android and iOS Bitcoin-only investment app. Buy Bitcoin instantly and hold your keys with ease and simplicity. Join 100,000 others using Relai and start your Bitcoin journey.
José Antonio Bravo
Orange Pill App
Chris Bossert
José Antonio Bravo and 466 others use Relai App
Pools Wallet
58 reviews
Pools Wallet is a user-friendly, decentralized wallet that provides powerful security features to keep your assets safe The values that Pools Wallet bring include transparency and safety with a focus on users,besides innovation is also highly appreciated by us
Don Uto
Donvoy Omweri
Tran Bich Loan
Don Uto and 92 others use Pools Wallet
24 reviews is the Metamask for CeFi. Indeed, it's a non-custodial browser extension allowing you to connect your different Centralized Exchanges, to track, trade & transfer with any dApp integrating our solution while keeping DeFi values (self-custody & UX)
Oscar Mairey
Oscar Mairey and 55 others use
129 reviews
CoinDCX is launching India’s first Crypto-Crypto Exchange, where you will have the freedom to trade in 30+ pairs legally in BTC/ETH markets with 0.10% trading fees, and the most intuitive platform, all without touching INR.
Hritik Verma
Manish Reddy
Kate Sleeman
Hritik Verma and 104 others use CoinDCX
Swapped Finance
316 reviews
Swapped Finance is a leading decentralized exchange on Shardeum Blockchain that offers a secure, fair, and auto-scalable platform for trading digital assets. It also provides protection against front-running and a level playing field for all users.
Lyudmila Matyukhina
Loki loki
PASCAL TIEMANN and 518 others use Swapped Finance
8 reviews
Feeturn: Get back a portion of your Perpetual DEX trading fees that typically go to referrers! 💸 On Perp DEXs like GMX and gTrade, a part of your fees is paid to referrers. Feeturn gives that money back to you, the trader. 💰
Charles Pyo
Technoetic and 5 others use Feeturn
3 reviews
HeroSwap is an instant anonymous cross-chain swap for crypto that makes it easy to onboard new users and apps into blockchain ecosystems. Partners earn 50% of all swapping fees.
Robert Graham
Andrew Van Duivenbode
Mourkus Gawergy
Robert Graham and 0 others use HeroSwap
2 reviews
The app combines the power of social networking to enable: Users to post investment stories and share insights. Users to host your own offline & online events to meet investors. Archuos fights loneliness to investors.
Christian Farioli
Dennis Campbell
Soufiane - Archuos
Christian Farioli and 3 others use Archuos
2 reviews
We prioritize user experience by syncing data between visits, providing accurate price change insights. In the volatile crypto market, this feature is essential for informed decision-making, ensuring users are always up-to-date.
Nikita Zhurakov
Ritsu Shimada
DONALDY uses Moonwatch
1 review
WAVY is a versatile stablecoin utility offering instant swaps, decentralised P2P trading onchain, a stablecoin powered virtual card for global spending, fiat to stablecoin top ups and withdraws. Connect your wallet and join the WAVE 🌊
Victor Nwaejie
Emmanuel Evarist
Ash Price
Victor Nwaejie and 1 others use WA/VY