The best stock trading platforms in 2024

Tried, tested, and reviewed by the community - Social - Insiders ToolXtradesScopechatSurmount AISaberTrade Browser ExtensionMagni MarketsPremarket Bell
Sigma - See the Next Generation of Analytics
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Follow & copy trade top traders, earn recognition & get paid for your trades, share & track trades with in-depth performance stats and extensive insights on every trade, broker integration to automate it all. Share ideas & analysis, & SO MUCH MORE! Supporting all stocks, futures, forex, & cryptocurrency markets. Fully integrated with Discord via our bot, submit trades or track signals, fetch financial data, and setup market data streams.
Rich Watson
Ervin Kalemi
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Ever wish you could trade with insider knowledge? Now you can! The Insiders tool allows you to see insider trading and selling patterns. The algorithm filters and sorts through a variety of data to match your search criteria.
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94 reviews
A gamified social trading application on Web/IOS/Android that benefits the customer and the influencer in the digital finance space. We utilize our proprietary methods of compensation and recognition to build our community through engaging interaction
Brett Ede
French Manuel
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38 reviews
Scopechat is an easy-to-use, intuitive, AI-powered crypto trading assistant that leverages large language models and highly refined public and proprietary data sets to deliver accurate, comprehensive answers to any Web3-related questions you type in.
Andrew Howe
Raffaele Ragini
Scot Barclay
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Surmount AI
10 reviews
Become your own professional money manager in 2 minutes! On Surmount, you can connect all of your investment accounts in one place to view analytics, route trades at the guaranteed best price & automate all of your investments using pre-built investing strategies with genuine track records
Vio Vanica
Logan Weaver
Logan Weaver
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We scan & synthesize key takeaways to provide you summaries, real-time insights & trade buttons for stocks, options & cryptocurrencies It's more efficient trading - saving you time with real-time insights, informed decisions, smarter and faster investments.
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Eliot Silverman
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Magni Markets
7 reviews
Magni Markets is an online trading platform offering clients around the world the opportunity to trade a range of markets from Forex, Crypto, Stocks & Indices.
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Franklin Jimmie
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Premarket Bell is a free daily newsletter that delivers bite-sized market overview, forecast, and analysis to your inbox, every morning before the market opens.
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4 reviews
Unlock the power of macro investing with Allio, the only investing app made to help investors thrive in 21st-century markets. Allio is a fintech trailblazer, redefining wealth management with cutting-edge features that cater to investors at every level. Our Dynamic Macro Portfolios, Automated Expert Portfolios, High-Yield Goal Portfolios, and Impact Investing Portfolios are designed to provide an unparalleled personalized investment experience, making financial success accessible to all.
Lila Horton
Callie Gates
Erin Allen
Lila Horton and 31 others use Allio
The easiest way to trade verified climate assets. Backed by YC, Jasmine Energy is the easiest way to track prices, verify renewable energy generators, and buy & sell Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs/RECs) with certainty. Access deep liquidity on standardized commodity pools and trade efficiently with faster settlement and automatic retirement.
Kai Aldag
marko savic
Noah Miller
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