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Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
Transform your finances with Notion Finance Tracker. Crystal-clear clarity, automated tax calculations, Jar system for allocations, subscription tracking, and more. Empower your financial journey today!
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Track your taxes. Easy.
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Founded by veteran CA Avinash Shekhar, TaxNodes is the most comprehensive and accurate crypto taxes computation & ITR filing platform for individuals. Calculate your taxes and generate 3 different types of reports from over 8000+ coins.
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TaxCry is a tax tracker and optimizer tool for your Ethereum transactions. It checks the actual markaet prices of every token every minute to suggest the most optimal way to reduce capital gain and taxes.
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Filing your crypto taxes has never been easier! Whether you’re trading on exchanges like Coinbase, buying NFTs on Ethereum, or taking out loans on DeFi protocols, CoinLedger can help you generate a comprehensive tax report in minutes.
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Mr.Surawut Paravek (Google company.)
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Awaken accurately handles staking, bridging, NFTs, and almost everything else in web3. It's the most accurate, fastest, and easiest-to-use tax software on the market.
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Upload your boring tax return and we'll show you exactly what's going on We'll also automatically generate smart recommendations that will help you save money on taxes All for free!
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Extracts essential billing data such as supplier name, sums, invoice numbers and dates from electronic or digitized invoices into a spreadsheet. The badger can also rename your files and turn invoice123.pdf into Amazon_2024-04-12_USD_69.pdf.
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Vepapu offers comprehensive offshore company formation and compliance management services in over 15 jurisdictions worldwide. We handle paperwork, incorporation, registered agent services, and bank account opening support. With automated compliance, we ensure timely filings and renewals, including economic substance filings. Vepapu simplifies ongoing company changes and management online, allowing you to focus on growing your business confidently.
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Kryptoskatt applications serve its customers with accounting, portfolio management and tax report services. It offers a diverse set of integrations in the industry, supporting more than 1000+ DeFi protocols, 200+ Wallets & Exchanges, and NFT & DeFi dashboards, making it the one-stop-shop solution.
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