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RAFA's AI Agents help you invest like an expert with personalized insights. It’s like having a team of experts, each specializing in one task: Fundamental analysis, Technicals, Momentum, Macro etc, all working together to maximize your portfolio 24/7.
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Solutive Property Management App with features for receipts maker, invoicing, bookkeeping and listing ads
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Relai App
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Relai is an Android and iOS Bitcoin-only investment app. Buy Bitcoin instantly and hold your keys with ease and simplicity. Join 100,000 others using Relai and start your Bitcoin journey.
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Orange Pill App
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A Web3 AI tech for CeFi, DeFi, and NFT markets via conversational AI. AI deal execution interface Automated AI trading In-depth market analysis (off-chain/on-chain) AI trading signals AI arbitrage Portfolio and NFT management
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Forecastr helps founders build great financial models online. Our analysts work with you to build a model that’s tailored to your unique needs. Forecastr makes it easy to track & share key metrics so you can make better decisions & raise the capital you need.
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Kima Network
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Kima is a transformative blockchain infrastructure that is revolutionizing the way financial institutions, Web3 applications, and fintech companies leverage the power of digital assets and blockchain technology.
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We do your 📂 spreadsheets, 📈 graphs, and 🔮 automations. You get P&L, CF, Financial Projections, Plan/Fact, Unit Economics, and finally, peace of mind. All in familiar to you Google Spreadsheets. Forget about months of integrations and insane setup costs.
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Follow & copy trade top traders, earn recognition & get paid for your trades, share & track trades with in-depth performance stats and extensive insights on every trade, broker integration to automate it all. Share ideas & analysis, & SO MUCH MORE! Supporting all stocks, futures, forex, & cryptocurrency markets. Fully integrated with Discord via our bot, submit trades or track signals, fetch financial data, and setup market data streams.
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Ervin Kalemi
Rich Watson and 186 others use - Social Investing is a neobank launching a crypto card supporting the highest number of cryptocurrencies and boasting the world's lowest card fees. Additionally, we offer an insured wallet, virtual IBANs, buy/sell options, and a fiat-to-crypto exchange.
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Ever wish you could trade with insider knowledge? Now you can! The Insiders tool allows you to see insider trading and selling patterns. The algorithm filters and sorts through a variety of data to match your search criteria.
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