The best digital whiteboards in 2024

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Digital whiteboards are interactive software applications or devices that simulate the experience of a physical whiteboard in a digital format. They allow users to create, draw, write, and collaborate on a virtual canvas using various tools and features.
Sigma - See the Next Generation of Analytics
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264 reviews
Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together, from brainstorming with digital sticky notes to planning and managing agile workflows.
Abdal Yousef
Emily Hodgins
Garen Orchyan
Abdal Yousef and 2685 others use Miro
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Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling between scattered conversations across multiple channels. Experience seamless real-time collaboration by simply starting conversations on your product.
Isa Tanis
Hakan Baybas
Isa Tanis and 131 others use Commented
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Whimsical is the iterative product workspace. We help teams build clarity and shared understanding faster with documentation tools for solving any product challenge.
Abhimanyu Ghoshal
Morten Øverbye
Anna Filou
Abhimanyu Ghoshal and 674 others use Whimsical
18 reviews
🔥 Fabrie is an infinite whiteboard made for design project collaboration, where you can organize your research material, manage design reviews and collaborate with the team through the entire workflow. 🌊 Beyond visual collaboration, Fabrie is built with an integrated database that makes it easy for managing cost and materials right next to your design documents. ⚡ On top of the basic tools, Fabrie has just been upgraded with all your favourite AI tools, including GPT-4 and Stable Diffusion.
Evelyn Russo
Christopher Maxwell
Akhilesh Majumdar
Evelyn Russo and 50 others use Fabrie
10 reviews
Traw is a lightweight communication service that allows free talk on the whiteboard between remote teams. Everything from the meeting, including audio recordings, is saved and we can replay it.
Suhyung Yoo
Dongmin Seo
Deus Animus
Suhyung Yoo and 28 others use Traw
43 reviews
Interactive, no-code demo builder & powerful analytics for high-performance GTM teams.
Paresh Mayani
Robin Singhvi
Paresh Mayani and 99 others use SmartCue
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We build tools for the next generation of creative artists. You break in to Hollywood as a Director by making indie movies, and Saga can help you get there - faster, better stories, characters, scripts, storyboards, and soon films to get discovered next!
Benjamin Sanders
Ghost Kitty
SaaSdor and 26 others use SAGA
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With the entire world working from home, Excalidraw is a way to replace a physical whiteboard. Sketch hand-drawn like diagrams on your own or live collaborate during brainstorming sessions or architecture interviews in safe way thanks to end-to-end encryption.
Michael Silber
Raúl Marín Moreno
Enzo Ferey
Michael Silber and 44 others use Excalidraw
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Creately is a visual workspace for brainstorming, planning, analyzing and executing during projects. Infinite canvas, in-app video conferencing, powerful diagramming and real-time collaboration capabilities for breaking team silos and aligning teams. t
Stanislas • BASQUIN
Pamela A.
Stanislas • BASQUIN and 54 others use Creately
Our Doodly Alternative boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for both beginners and experienced artists. No steep learning curves here – just dive in and start doodling! Get Life Time Free Access.
Doodle Maker
India Seller Solution
Storify AI
Doodle Maker and 6 others use Doodly Alternative