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LISN is a platform that shortens podcasts into clips and organizes them into playlists based on topics, with a focus on diverse perspectives.
Isabel Hely
Olive Loren
Rayhan Memon
Isabel Hely and 31 others use LISN - Podcast Clips & Playlists
80 reviews
Listen to podcasts with AI-generated transcripts and chapters. Highlight your favorite moments in 1 click, incl. summaries and transcripts, and export them to Readwise, Notion, & co. Discover new moments by listening to short highlights from the community.
Jennifer Arguello
Ayush Pranav
Oleg Gavryliuk
Jennifer Arguello and 231 others use Snipd
45 reviews
Recast’s AI app helps you “read” without reading. Listen to any article as a short podcast. Co-hosts explain in real dialogue. Submit any article to convert. Or browse community recasts. Learn doing chores or on the go. Save reading and screen time.
Peter Bihr
Engin Kurutepe
Salar Davari
Peter Bihr and 113 others use Recast
Sell your podcasts and audio content effortlessly. Having thousands of followers on social media is cool, but is even cooler to have an audience paying for your content. Get a brand new revenue stream. Selling audio content is easier than you think.
Luis Díaz del Dedo
Daniel Vigueras
Ana Sobrino
Luis Díaz del Dedo and 23 others use Mumbler - Sell audio
51 reviews
We make podcasting less confusing. Record your audio, and we'll help you publish your episodes on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Have questions? Chat with us.
Davis Baer
Chris Fidao™
Etienne Garbugli
Davis Baer and 40 others use Transistor
11 reviews
Jamit is an all-in-one audio platform that allows voice creators to record, publish, and distribute their audio content and recordings. Jamit’s web platform is home to podcasters, talk show hosts, and diverse voice creators.
Olumoye Samson
Cắt Tóc Lịch
梨子 and 35 others use Jamit
9 reviews
Swap your vocals with iconic singers using! Upload, select an artist, & download an acapella. Fair artist income splits, secure watermarking, & easy song licensing. AI that empowers artists. 🎙️🤖❤️
amir ali
Austin Malerba
Titu Chacha
amir ali and 109 others use
Fountain is a feature-rich Podcasting 2.0 app and community on iOS and Android. Support your favourite shows as you listen and join in the conversation with other fans. Discover new shows through clips or playlists and earn rewards for listening and sharing.
Oscar Merry
Nick Malster
Oscar Merry and 19 others use Fountain Podcast App
64 reviews
The most reliable tool to record your remote podcast in studio quality with separate audio AND video tracks for every guest. Stream it directly to all your social media channels and best of all let your listeners call in with their questions via video.
Rajiv Ayyangar
Abhishek Jha
Myriam Shemtov
Rajiv Ayyangar and 47 others use
27 reviews
SoundCloud is a European online audio distribution platform and music sharing website based in Berlin, Germany that enables its users to upload, promote, and share audio.
Ryan Hoover
Alexandre Mouriec
Narendra Solanki
Ryan Hoover and 164 others use SoundCloud