The best camera apps in 2024

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Artisse AISwapfaceCapture PacttoMagiScan AI 3D Scanner appSNPIT - Snap to EarnShadowLensSayCheese - Remote phone camera trigger
Camera apps offer additional features and controls beyond the default camera app provided by the device manufacturer. They often provide manual settings, advanced shooting modes, filters, editing tools, and various creative options to capture and enhance your photos and videos.
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Artisse AI
315 reviews
Our unique AI algorithm doesn’t just transform your selfies into high-quality images, it allows you to personalize every detail. Visualize yourself in a myriad of scenarios, outfits, hairstyles, and more.
fitri ani
Soroosh Rabet
fitri ani and 422 others use Artisse AI
497 reviews
Swapface is a real-time and ultra realistic faceswap AI app which allows users to instantly transform into anyone with a single photo without any processing time. It's easy to set up and lets you take your content creation, live streaming to a new level.
Mr. Tek
Michael Gammon
Qudsia Ali and 771 others use Swapface
190 reviews
Capture, powered by Numbers Protocol, is a creator-focused platform that safeguards creative work provenance. It offers ownership of digital media via secure authentication, blockchain-based metadata, decentralized storage, licensing, and AI mining consent.
Sultan MD 👑
Elena Von Tsss
Drew Dunham
Sultan MD 👑 and 271 others use Capture
19 reviews
Pactto is a mobile-first and private-first communication tool for creative pros easily to exchange feedback with precision, nuance, and fidelity. Give feedback on any video, image, audio, or screen recording. Use our palette of pro markup tools, compare multiple assets, save on-device for confidential WIP, and even work 100% offline. Great for video, content, and design professionals who cringe at the thought of long commenting threads and meetings just to clarify feedback.
Demian Borba
Melissa Carter
Ivo Machado
Demian Borba and 52 others use Pactto
MagiScan is an AI-driven 3D scanning app. It easily captures real-world objects and turns them into 3D models, with various export format choices. Moreover, it can export to NVIDIA Omniverse and integrate them smoothly into Minecraft as block structures.
Dheker Ben Amor
Kiryl Sidarchuk
murage kibicho
Dheker Ben Amor and 19 others use MagiScan AI 3D Scanner app
SNPIT is a blockchain based NFT Game-Fi where you can use camera NFTs to take photos and participate in battles with your photos to earn rewards.
Aden Will
udhay yadav
Aden Will and 34 others use SNPIT - Snap to Earn
5 reviews
The perfect shot, right at your fingertips! Instantly capture high quality videos and photos using beautiful aesthetic presets. ShadowLens is so fast, you'll never miss a moment again!
Elsayed Ali
Георгий Хромченко
Marc and 8 others use ShadowLens
Take pictures using two phones: one as a camera remote and the other as a camera. With SayCheese you no longer need to worry about finding someone to take your pictures. You can control your phone's camera remotely and preview the shot in real time.
Soroosh Rabet
Yoav Franko
Soroosh Rabet and 21 others use SayCheese - Remote phone camera trigger
Take a picture and automatically turn it into a poem via Ai. Borges couldn't have written a better one.
Elsayed Ali
Elsayed Ali and 20 others use Pamera - The Poem Camera
2 reviews
Launching BetterPic: Get studio-quality corporate headshots using AI. Just pick a style, upload 15 pics (you can take them on the spot), and in less than 2 hours, voila! Hundreds of perfect headshots, 20x cheaper than a photoshoot.
Ricardo Ghekiere
Miguel Rasero
Sandra Ruso
Ricardo Ghekiere and 10 others use BetterPic