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Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
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Touring is a private tour guide available 24/7 wherever you are. Built with 20% AI, 30% human curated content and 50% of magic 🪄. Can be addictive, use with caution.
Abdal Yousef
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Gabriele Mazzola 🧭
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Felt makes it easy for anyone to create and share maps that tell a story — from campsite directions to shifts in climate. For the dozens of industries that rely on maps to get work done, Felt is the first user-friendly, collaborative tool built for teamwork.
Todd Royal
Ghost Kitty
Giannis Giftakis
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All needed airport information including indoor maps with navigation, airport services and transport options. Track the upcoming flights, get updated status and latest details. Stay up-to-date using widgets and notifications. Share you flight with your family.
Elsayed Ali
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We provide technology to power smarter cities, making them more sustainable, less congested, and more usable for humans around the globe. Add our SDK and provide door-to-door navigation all inside your app:
Clara Champion
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KAYA is your climbing guide. Climbers use KAYA to discover climbs, share beta, log sends, and track progress. Download and join the most psyched community in climbing.
David Gurman
Elsayed Ali
Bryan Boyko
David Gurman and 13 others use Kaya -- the climber's app
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From the deepest dirt track to the highest hiking trail, komoot gets you there and back again—and everywhere you want in between.
Philip Hoheisel
Aymeric Sans
Metehan Ucan
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engineered serendipity. experience the magic of spontaneous moments with roger-roger. designed with love to bring friends closer than ever, this app is your go-to for creating unexpected, joy-filled memories.
csongor horvath
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Afonso Matos
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Manymap helps you to plan your next adventure. Whether you are into hiking, cycling, or even rafting, we've got your back with features like smart routing, multi-day plans, POIs, and more! Create, keep, and share your trails. Built by explorers for explorers.
Anton Sutarmin
Max Gusakov
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Craft your adventure with the power of artificial intelligence! Experience the wonders of Triplay! Explore our offerings to curate an exciting and unparalleled travel experience.
Dmitry Kuznetsov
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James Thatcher
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BHPH Guides
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Discover your ideal car financing solution with top-rated BHPH dealerships in your area. Easy, flexible, and tailored to your needs, regardless of credit history!
Abhishek Sood
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Automate And Chill
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