The best flight booking apps in 2024

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Flight booking tools are online platforms or websites that help users search, compare, and book flights for their travel needs. These tools provide a comprehensive search functionality, allowing users to enter their departure and destination airports, travel dates, and other pref
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We are overjoyed to share with you our rebirth — version 3.0 of our app, which has risen anew post-pandemic, a time that challenged many travel startups.
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FlyBasis is the first way to book flights cheaper than directly priced by the airlines in over 2 decades. Don't believe us? Search flights on our website. We are our own GDS which allows us to sell consolidator rates DIRECT to you.
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Passport Auto-fill simplifies travel bookings for families, groups and secret agents - autofilling passports, passport expiry dates, citizenship, phone numbers and email addresses - while keeping your data safe
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We aim to help people with lower passport indexes achieve their travel dreams by offering unbeatable flight deals to visa-free destinations. We want to ensure your journey is defined by experiences, not the hassle of getting visas.
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Find cheap flights with Airticket. Compare prices from top airlines & booking websites. Search for one-way or multi-city trips. Track prices & get alerts for the best deals.
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Its a app where you pay us a small fee to find you the best price for whatever you need, that simple, we are currently focusing on flights, so you would pay 4.99 and we have an average save of $200 per flight! We are saving you time and money!
Mariano Fonseca
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Copy Travel
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Tired of spending 10 hours and 50 chrome tabs just to piece together your next trip? Copy Travel allows you to browse through other's trips and book the full thing in one checkout.
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With the Reminder for Flying Blue, it becomes much easier to earn points while shopping at your favorite online stores. With this handy browser extension, you will be reminded to make your purchases through the Flying Blue website.
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Peanut helps you pick better flights and hotels. See current COVID-19 travel rules and visa requirements while browsing, and even flight delay predictions before you book. Try Peanut on Expedia, Booking or Google Flights today. Add to Chrome, it's free.
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Search on your favorite site, find a room you like, and let the RatePunk extension work its magic. It will scan the top booking sites and run a price comparison, so you can be confident in knowing you’re getting the best hotel deal!
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