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Sigma - See the Next Generation of Analytics
AI, Data Apps, Python - Attend the launch!
21 reviews
Touring is a private tour guide available 24/7 wherever you are. Built with 20% AI, 30% human curated content and 50% of magic 🪄. Can be addictive, use with caution.
Abdal Yousef
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Gabriele Mazzola 🧭
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All your past and future national park adventures start with Natparks. Plan trips, find hidden gems, create checklists, and record park memories. Every hike, viewpoint, photo, and interaction earns achievements in your digital passport.
Aurora Guerra
Jennifer Carter
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Your Self-Service Rental Management Solution is a comprehensive, cloud-based rental management platform tailored for a wide range of industries, from outdoor equipment and vehicles to real estate and event supplies.
Jesper Cederholm
Carolyne Gonzalez
Emil Jonsson
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Sandee is a Yelp for Beaches – 300,000 hours cataloging more than 100 categories of information for every beach in the world – more than 100,000 beaches in 212 countries!
Ghost Kitty
Nathaniel Mahowald
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Personalize your travel with our AI Companion. Explore hidden gems and local stories based on your interests. Connect with nearby adventurers and get instant recommendations from your AI Concierge.
Emil Alisgandarov
Alakbar Valizada
Arzu Safarova
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This app serves it’s purpose to help you look out for certain types of food you wish to avoid. Quick and simple user interface by just selecting the language, take a picture of the food label and wait for the results.
Lawrence Perkins
Sakthi Vignesh
Zandisiwe Ndhlovu
Lawrence Perkins uses Food Avoidance Scanner
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A social app for travellers to plan, connect, and track their trips. Baccpacc aims to provide a common platform for travellers and explorers to connect. From making a trip for yourself to looking out for groups heading to a place you want to travel to.
Sarah Clarck
Subin Chitrakar
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Pursuit is where you find outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, backcountry skiing, scuba diving, etc. Pursuit simplifies your search, vetting, and booking of private land, instruction, and equipment for these complex sports. Pursuit allows landowners, guides, and outfitters to build outdoor businesses by selling their skills and assets directly to you.
Trey Green
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Sport Surge
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Traveling for a short trip or relocating? Find and compare cities across multiple facets with FindCity. Learn of the cost of living, quality of life, security, and what a life there could mean for you. From Bogota to Lagos, Madrid to Beijing, and beyond.
David Sterling
Javier MS
Mariia Khover
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Postcard is a TRAVEL MEDIA & COMMUNITY platform. We connect mindful travellers with boutique brands that advance responsible tourism! We have over 2000 registered members from 27 countries with 50 new members joining each week. We EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN, INSPIRE & CONNECT our community through our BRAND MEDIA & DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS which include digital postcards, albums, publication, newsletter, podcast and social media channels.
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