The best meditation apps in 2024

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Zario: Digital WellbeingLevel SupermindFitmap AppMeditoSerenWaking Up
Meditation apps typically provide features like customizable meditation timers, calming music or nature sounds, breathing exercises, and daily reminders to encourage consistent practice. Some apps also offer specialized programs for specific goals like sleep improvement, stress r
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Zario is the first app that creates a personal journey of exciting, psychology backed challenges to improve how we use our phones and live our lives.
Sarah Jordi
Rukhsar Amjad
Qudsia Ali and 106 others use Zario: Digital Wellbeing
Level Supermind
214 reviews
Release your stress and get focused with relaxing meditations, and sleep like a baby with our premium sleep stories. Build muscles, get more flexible, track your steps, and gain control over your mind & body with a range of no-equipment fitness routines. Set daily intention, write down your life goals, express gratitude, boost self-awareness & increase productivity with the daily journal choices. Enjoy your work with focus & improved creativity with our mindful music. Get better control over your thoughts and push away distractions using easy breathwork practice.
Ivan Ralic
Ram Thakur
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Food, exercise and sleep has a significant impact on your physical health. Mental health works the same way, but has limited proactive options. Panda is the gym for your emotional well-being, with practical and proven proactive options for mental fitness.
Anthony Green
Meghan Henry
Annie Engelhardth
Anthony Green and 40 others use Panda - Proactive Mental Health
Fitmap App
25 reviews
Fitmap is an extremely simple and clean app that helps you plan and achieve your wellness goals consistently, one step at a time. It aims to become your new home for health and wellness for a happy mind, body and soul.
Business Marketing with Nika
Slava Nikitenko
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44 reviews
Meditation and mindfulness can greatly improve mental wellbeing and can have a transformative effect on all of us as individuals and on society as a whole. Help us improve mental wellbeing by ensuring mindfulness and meditation resources are available to everyone, for free
Kseniya Gurevich
Julia Alvarez
Samuel Nelson
Kseniya Gurevich and 38 others use Medito
7 reviews
Seren, more than just a journaling app – it's your very own private and insightful companion on the journey towards self-improvement.
Clément Dmt
Albert C
Clément Dmt and 9 others use Seren
11 reviews
Escape the noise, amplify your focus! 🎧 Our Ambient Sound Mixer App transforms any chaotic space into your productivity sanctuary. Customize your blend of ambient sounds and conquer tasks effortlessly. Your secret weapon for on-the-go concentration. 🚀
Sleeba Paul
Thaher Majeed
Sleeba Paul and 9 others use FlowState
Waking Up
83 reviews
Waking Up is a guide to understanding the mind, for the purpose of living a more balanced and fulfilling life.
Dima Tryhubenko
Maria Golikova
Erich J. Lehmann
Dima Tryhubenko and 32 others use Waking Up
13 reviews
Explore the future of therapy with Clearmind. Our AI provides mood-based recommendations, real-time meditation, actionable to-dos, and mental health tracking, redefining AI therapy for a healthier & happier life.
Caroline Schmidt
Soumyadeep Mukherjee
Anika Beri
Caroline Schmidt and 66 others use Clearmind
5 reviews
Amplify. Your. Self. With support, skills, and strategy from your own AI powered mindset guide. Work through challenges at work, home, and internal so you can feel clear, energized and focused as you set and achieve bold life goals.
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