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Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
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Sensay is an innovative, AI-powered platform specifically designed to replicate patients to preserve their likeness, memories, stories, and personality. We also assist individuals with dementia through the digital replication of familiar people.
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Compose messages, add media, and select notification method: 'Friend's Check' via a trusted person's code or 'Self Check' with auto-sending if you miss check-ins
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"Carez 🌟: AI magic for home care. Personalized plans, safety alerts, and family connections—all in one app. Making care cool, safe, and connected. 💪❤️"
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CheckinBee will check in with your loved one each and every day via text message. If a check-in is missed, their designated care circle will be automatically notified to check on them. $29/m with 2 weeks free. Custom daily reminders coming soon!
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Caretap, an ever-popular HIPAA compliant automation system, is engineered to streamline processes for Home Healthcare Agencies, Private duty nurses, Interpreters, Group homes, and Adult day care centers. Caretap’s features include the all-popular Electronic Visit Verification, Online physician order forms, Simplified billing solutions, Payroll integration, Convenient scheduling, Text4care, and more.
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SoulMatcher is the free psychological-based dating and social network app that connects users based on their most compatible partner.
Integration of Global Search and Local Care. AI Specialized Medical Agents and Professional Tools. Seamless medical consultations and professional collaborations. Real-time AI assistance tailored to various medical specialties.
Habit Tracker aims to be an easy-to-use app iOS, macOS and watchOS without a lot of frills. It has the essential information you need to track your progress and reach your goals. In just a few steps it allows you to create a new habit and mark your progress.
Zen is a mobile app that integrates AI technology and connects certified massage therapists to health & wellness seeking clients for in-home and on-demand services. Clients can receive professional massage services in the safety and convenience of their home.
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Welcome to a journey of positive transformation! Discover the keys to cultivating sustainable, positive habits through our exclusive bundle of life-changing ebooks. This comprehensive guide will delve into three distinct ebooks