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CamperguruGlampingHubWaggle Pet MonitorHipcampOffsite CampTrailWiseWildpoint
Find the perfect place to camp.
Passkeys by Pangea
Authenticate Smarter, Not Harder
My next product is both funny AND useful. PeeSport Pee Bottle is a portable urinal that works for men and women. It's anti-bacterial and, let's be honest, the design of this thing is pretty cool. For camping, festivals and road trips.
Franklyn Gibbs
Amber Foster
Ghost Kitty
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Camperguru saves time looking for the best spots. We work with photographers and experienced campers to find the 'creme de la creme' of camping. We personally visit, photograph and review camper spots. We don't list all spots. Just the best ones. 46 for now.
Steve Barr
Betty Harris
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Steve Barr
Andrew Pangelina
Steve Barr uses GlampingHub
Peace of mind. In your pocket. Waggle constantly monitors the temperature & humidity in your vehicle and alerts you via text/email in realtime, so that you never have to worry about your pets wellbeing.
Michelle Solomon
Gabby Jean
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Hipcamp is an online marketplace that helps people discover and book unique camping experiences. Book unique camping experiences on farms, ranches, vineyards and public parks across the country. Find undiscovered, one-of-a-kind camping destinations or visit tried and true staples.
Brian Bensch
Christina Teng
Dan Tomko
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Offsite Camp
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Offsite Camp provides tech-enabled cabin rentals for remote workers outside of major cities. We're democratizing access to ideal work environments. Research shows exposure to nature increases creativity and productivity. It's a approach, not a retreat.
Sameer Gudekar
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TrailWise is an all-in-one site for hiking and camping, focusing on gear and route management, hill logging, and historical analysis of user data. The site encourages users to complete famous hills worldwide, and provides mapping and visualization tools to help them accomplish their goals. Awards provide a fun incentive to get outdoors, and public profiles allow users to share their gear, routes, timelines and awards with friends.
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Introducing Wildpoint, a new web platform that allows hosts to list their land as unique and exclusive camping spots, and guests to find those spots, searching through meaningful filters such as terrain and activities nearby.
Chris Saganic
Unas Mirza
Chris Saganic uses Wildpoint
Wholesum is an online tool that helps streamline group menu planning: Manage dietary restrictions, generate shopping lists, and scale recipes to meet your group size.
Receba orientações especializadas e dicas personalizadas dos nossos especialistas em exercício para otimizar seus treinos e maximizar os resultados.