The best therapy apps in 2024

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SensayRosebudSoula CarefolsomDiallMarch Health
Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
82 reviews
Sensay is an innovative, AI-powered platform specifically designed to replicate patients to preserve their likeness, memories, stories, and personality. We also assist individuals with dementia through the digital replication of familiar people.
Oswaldo Klein
Sebastiaan de Vlaming
Abel. and 133 others use Sensay
33 reviews
Rosebud is an AI journal designed for personal growth. It's like a mentor in your pocket. Over 3 million words journaled. Bloom with Rosebud
Andrew Jiang
Caroline Schmidt
Chris Smith
Andrew Jiang and 98 others use Rosebud
Soula Care
49 reviews
The personalized educational and emotional support virtual assistant harnessing the collective wisdom of the world’s top birth and parenthood professionals, empowered by cutting-edge AI technology.
Aleh Tsikhanau
Kate Chasten
Hamza Aziz
Aleh Tsikhanau and 122 others use Soula Care
15 reviews
in a galaxy rife with loneliness, a gentle soul called esa struggled to keep up with friends. so, esa developed folsom to nurture real connection. just launched to earth - folsom is for staying close and getting closer - wherever you are on the soulular plane.
Steven Eidelman
The Folge
Evan Brown
Steven Eidelman and 57 others use folsom
Food, exercise and sleep has a significant impact on your physical health. Mental health works the same way, but has limited proactive options. Panda is the gym for your emotional well-being, with practical and proven proactive options for mental fitness.
Anthony Green
Meghan Henry
Annie Engelhardth
Anthony Green and 41 others use Panda - Proactive Mental Health
12 reviews
We're making mental health approachable. Build new skills and actually enjoy learning about your mental health like never before. Did we mention it's free to download? Get early access at
Tinna Williams
Aubrey Salita
Emily Hersh
Tinna Williams and 27 others use Diall
16 reviews
At Healsens, we empower individuals with personalized health risk awareness and prevention strategies. By addressing the lack of awareness and enabling timely detection of high-risk groups, we revolutionize healthcare for a healthier future.
Hanna Barzakouskaya
Sidra Arif Ali
Amelia Charlie
Hanna Barzakouskaya and 43 others use Healsens
March Health
16 reviews
Unlock a world of reproductive health with personal health profiles, expert tips, predictive management and risk assessments. Share your journey with your loved ones & connect with experts through a fun, gamified interface!
Kate Ramakaieva
Agnieszka and 56 others use March Health
7 reviews
Seren, more than just a journaling app – it's your very own private and insightful companion on the journey towards self-improvement.
Clément Dmt
Albert C
Clément Dmt and 10 others use Seren
7 reviews
Stethophone is a unique application, cleared by the FDA as a medical device. It instantly allows your phone to listen to your heart, keep a history of recording, and provide sophisticated medical outputs to your doctor.
Nadia Ivanova
linfang zhong
Mohammed Shameer Iqbal
Nadia Ivanova and 7 others use Stethophone