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Jellybean helps companies create, administer & streamline their employee benefits, perks and reward program on Slack. Best part? The platform comes without any subscription cost.
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The first-ever healthcare benefits credit program exclusively for startups – Onsurity Edge Credits Program is designed to empower startups with affordable employee healthcare benefits. Selected startups will get up to ₹25,000 credits to buy membership plans.
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At Healsens, we empower individuals with personalized health risk awareness and prevention strategies. By addressing the lack of awareness and enabling timely detection of high-risk groups, we revolutionize healthcare for a healthier future.
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Agave Health
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Agave Health is the first virtual clinic specialized for adults with ADHD, At Agave, you get personalized ADHD Coaching, self-guided Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, daily Body Doubling sessions and more to support you through your ADHD journey.
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Take Care
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If your best friend was also the best pharmacist - how often will you or your family will have to see a doctor or buy a medicine ? TakeCare brings expert Pharmacists to instantly guide you through healthcare issues without discomfort
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Plum is a simple way for a small team in India to get started with health benefits. It includes health insurance, unlimited doctor teleconsultations, wellness sessions, discounted medicines and checkups, and exceptional customer support. Paid monthly.
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Lumos Health
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Lumos is a free-to-use tool designed to help you find the ACA health insurance plan that's right for you. Our product finds plans, personalized to you, with the lowest "true-cost" in a matter of minutes. Shop smarter with Lumos and save hundreds of dollars each year.
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One place to set up and manage your personal tax withholding, retirement, and health insurance. Because not everyone gets employer-sponsored benefits.
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Nomad Insurance: travel medical insurance for unexpected injuries and illnesses during your travels. Flexible coverage in 175+ countries. Nomad Health: fully-equipped health insurance for nomads, expats and remote workers. Remote Health: global health insurance to cover your employees and contractors worldwide under one plan, regardless of where they live
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Lauren Razavi and 99 others use SafetyWing uses AI to find up-charges in your bill. We generate a dispute email that you can to the hospital or provider...for free.