The best slack apps in 2024

Tried, tested, and reviewed by the community

Slack apps are third-party applications that can be integrated with the Slack collaboration platform, enhancing its functionality and extending its capabilities. These apps are designed to help teams and organizations streamline their communication, collaboration, and productivit
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Elevate your business's profitability with Gryzzly : Your team-favorite Slack and Microsoft Teams chatbot that simplifies time tracking, boosts billable hours and enhances budget control. 🦾 Supercharged with AI Machine Learning
Exo Cody
Falak Naz Khan
Rose Brown
Exo Cody and 32 others use Gryzzly Time and budget Tracking
35 reviews
Jellybean helps companies create, administer & streamline their employee benefits, perks and reward program on Slack. Best part? The platform comes without any subscription cost.
Michael Gammon
Bhanu Gogia
Mathew James
Michael Gammon and 70 others use Jellybean
40 reviews
Spoke is the Command Center for Product & Engineering that helps build and launch products faster with more focused communication and powerful workflows that connect Slack, Jira, Notion and the rest of your tool stack.
Nick Anisimov
Alvaro Villalba Perez
Nick Anisimov and 109 others use
45 reviews
A unified workspace powered by AI that creates a radical personalized focus getting you the gist of your work. Essentially, theGist serves as the ultimate fusion of your scattered work in one workspace, supercharging your abilities with the power of AI.
Ken Savage
Shaul Olmert
Sivan Baram
Ken Savage and 126 others use theGist
16 reviews
Rootly helps build a consistent incident response process by automating manual admin work like creating incident channels, Jira tickets, Zoom rooms, and generating postmortem timelines, all from within Slack. Trusted by Canva, Grammarly, Bolt, and more.
Gabriel Bayomi
Vikas Nair
Marilyn Ramirez
Gabriel Bayomi and 4 others use Rootly
14 reviews
Overwhelmed by Slack messages? With Crux, quickly summarize any Slack conversation into a short, actionable summary, and cut your Slack reading time by over 60%.
Matthias Neumayer
Anton Koval
Sarthak Jain
Matthias Neumayer and 19 others use Crux
22 reviews
Slackmin enables your entire team to easily perform robust admin functions all from within Slack! Use Slackmin to update your website content, check customer complaints, order history, issue refunds, and much more.
Jason Goldberg
Ashwin Madhavan
Jason Goldberg and 6 others use Slackmin
43 reviews
LaunchPass turns Slack and Discord into a powerful subscription membership platforms. LaunchPass uses Stripe Connect to let users charge for access to Slack and Discord servers, channels, and roles and to quickly start receiving payments.
Anne Bussell
Ghost Kitty
Carrie Dupree Conley
Anne Bussell and 43 others use LaunchPass
12 reviews
Remoty help teams reach their full potential with powerful time-tracking and progress update workflow in Slack.
Salman Ahmed
Elsayed Ali
Usama and 17 others use Remoty
Question Base
8 reviews
Question Base is a new kind of knowledge base. Powered by AI, it answers your team's questions inside Slack. Automatically. Perfect for fast-growing teams with overheated channels.🔥
Aleksandar Ginovski
Osman Taraqallie
Tihomir Valkanov
Aleksandar Ginovski and 6 others use Question Base