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GraphitebeamsWewaatZeus ProxyBack4app
The world's best login box, powered by WorkOS + Radix
63 reviews
Ship code faster with Graphite. Stay unblocked on code review with “stacking” - the workflow engineers at top companies use to accelerate their development. Now available to anyone with a GitHub account.
Victor Pontis
Lucas Gelfond
Victor Pontis and 138 others use Graphite
94 reviews
Constant context switching, too many open tabs and distracting notifications - sounds familiar? beams gently guides you through your busy workday - directly from the menu bar. Joining a call or going into undisturbed focus time is now only a keystroke away. Stay tuned!
John Borthwick
Michael Sieb
Bud Hennekes
John Borthwick and 168 others use beams
168 reviews helps builders launch 10x faster by converting designs into production-ready code for web and mobile. We offer 2 options in Free Beta. Locofy Lightning - 1 click design to code, powered by Large Design Models, available for Figma to web, and Locofy Classic - step by step heuristics conversion available for Figma and Adobe XD to web and mobile apps. Use either and sync code to GitHub or pull into VS code.
Joris Delanoue
Alex Circei
Joris Delanoue and 498 others use
34 reviews
One directory for all your no code needs, plus marketing and sales tools to help you launch, market and sell. Search and discover tools based on your project requirements or your budget with more than 30 different categories of tools.
Business Marketing with Nika
Ghulam Abbas
Fabian Maume
Business Marketing with Nika and 44 others use Wewaat
57 reviews
Keep consistent data across 1700+ tools without coding. Say goodbye to scattered data and hello to new standard of data synchronization. Standardize, enrich, sync and streamline data across your toolset. Connect your marketing tools and solve the cookieless issue, build cross-channel sales outreach automations and send 10x more messages and emails or connect your online stores to global marketplaces and instantly expand your business. Ready to get your shi... data together? 🎯
Dmitrii Lunin
Matous Kralik
Steven 👾
Dmitrii Lunin and 109 others use
Zeus Proxy
32 reviews
The finest platform for proxy services, offering 100M+ residential proxies, including HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxies. Ideal for multiple account management, large-scale data collection and web scraping.
Brenda Cano
Emery Walker
Elizabeth Jackson
Brenda Cano and 48 others use Zeus Proxy
31 reviews
Design chatbots & conversational apps powered by Large Language Models (LLM). Share them freely with our community of chatbot developers, automation specialists, conversation and prompt designers. Mix & match AI with rules and a human element to bring your perfect conversation design to life 🖥⚡️💬 It's open-source and it can be both on cloud or your own infrastructure. Without knowing how to code, and for free!
Abdal Yousef
Business Marketing with Nika
Abdal Yousef and 89 others use Tiledesk
80 reviews
Back4app is a powerful and comprehensive platform designed for building and deploying scalable mobile and web applications with ease. It offers a streamlined, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface for creating applications with minimal coding, while still allowing for advanced customization and configuration. - Back4app supports the most popular programming languages and frameworks, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to create, deploy & scale applications quickly and easily.
Elias Ruiz Monserrat
Anthony Green
Gus Oliveira and 131 others use Back4app
Instantly answer 50% of employee questions on Jira SM with AI - no humans needed! Introducing the first and only bot built for JSM that extracts accurate information from Confluence and crafts human-like responses.
Paris Pateli
Antoine Garcia
Angelos Theofilatos
Paris Pateli and 69 others use Xence by Gaspar AI
40 reviews
Spoke is the Command Center for Product & Engineering that helps build and launch products faster with more focused communication and powerful workflows that connect Slack, Jira, Notion and the rest of your tool stack.
Nick Anisimov
Alvaro Villalba Perez
Nick Anisimov and 108 others use