The best standup bots in 2024

Tried, tested, and reviewed by the community

ASObotXpressBot by Sky FreeEnviateBotimum - Slackbot for daily tasksAI SidekickCheatGpt
Standup bots are used to facilitate daily stand-up meetings in agile or remote teams. These bots typically integrate with messaging platforms such as Slack or Microsoft Teams and provide a structured format for team members to share their updates and progress.
Hygraph Studio [Beta]
Next-gen headless CMS: unlock your content's full potential
10 reviews
App Store Optimization tool for mobile apps but in Slack or Telegram. Tired of complicated UI & hard onboarding? Looking for a team tool, avoiding to buy extra seats? Want to control your expenditures and pay only for what you use? ASObot is the answer🥳
Maksym Astakhov
Mikhail Horobtsov
Maksym Astakhov and 28 others use ASObot
12 reviews
Remoty help teams reach their full potential with powerful time-tracking and progress update workflow in Slack.
Salman Ahmed
Elsayed Ali
Usama and 17 others use Remoty
Elevate sales on WhatsApp using catalog and execute impactful broadcasts effortlessly with XpressBot.
Roshan Kumar
Yousef Ghaleb
Sky Free
Roshan Kumar and 6 others use XpressBot by Sky Free
3 reviews
The Product Copilot links your assets in Jira with your codebase in GitHub to provide users a view into how a codebase is addressing a given task. With our AI assistant, auto-breakdown your tickets into modular tasks that engineers can track and execute.
Allison Walsh
Aditya Raghupathy
Allison Walsh uses Enviate
Elevate your Slack experience with: 🚀 Daily standup updates 📊 Employee check-ins 🗳️ Easy polls for better decisions
Juliya Jane
Lena Nguyen
Tim and 8 others use Botimum - Slackbot for daily tasks
AI Sidekick
1 review
Meet AI Sidekick, your personal GPT-powered Slack assistant. It turns daily Q&A into insights to prevent burnout and identify blockers, like an all-knowing executive assistant who answers team queries without sifting through documents or scheduling meetings.
Arfin Arafat
Sanjeev Kumar Yadav
Amadou Gounego
Arfin Arafat and 5 others use AI Sidekick
1 review
We remove AI detection from content generated by ChatGPT and other AI language models.
Adam Oommen Jacob
Saurav Chatterjee
Digital Uwas
Adam Oommen Jacob and 0 others use CheatGpt
67 reviews
DailyBot runs your daily stand-ups straight in your work chat, so everyone stays on the same page, wherever they are. We enable modern teams to stay updated in real-time, tackle challenges promptly, and prioritize tasks effectively. DailyBot works where you work: Available for Slack, Discord, Teams, and Hangouts.
Ghost Kitty
Laura Aguirre
Ghost Kitty and 3 others use DailyBot
Stand Up Log
1 review
Easily track your tasks for your next stand up - Made specifically for developers to track their daily work - Easily present your stand up tasks and copy them into Slack
KCM uses Stand Up Log
Standuply is the #1 Standup Bot. It runs asynchronous stand-up & retrospective meetings, Slack polls, and tracks team performance to automate your Agile processes.
Russell Musenko
Mel Estrada
Nazarova Kristina
Russell Musenko and 27 others use Standuply: Poll & Survey Scrum Bot