The best web hosting services in 2024

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Web hosting platforms provide the infrastructure and services needed to make your website accessible on the internet. These platforms offer various hosting plans and features to accommodate different types of websites and online projects.
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19 reviews
FL0, the AI enabled infrastructure platform, that auto-builds, deploys, and scales your code in minutes. Forget messy cloud infrastructure and complex deployments.
Miguel Ángel Durán
Anthony Green
Stennie Steneker
Miguel Ángel Durán and 43 others use FL0
23 reviews
Switch to the fastest WordPress hosting in less than 24 hours with our ultra-fast expert migration. Reach your global audience and boost your SEO without worrying about any security or technical setup.
Nick Willstrop
Nick Willstrop and 69 others use Zalvis
9 reviews
Designed for teams that want the benefits & reliability of AWS without hiring devops
Tony Dehnke
Leo Guinan
Elsayed Ali
Tony Dehnke and 6 others use Flightcontrol
234 reviews
Namecheap, Inc. is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, which provides domain name registration and web hosting, based in Phoenix, Arizona.
Adam Lui
Ghost Kitty
Luis Rieke
Adam Lui and 224 others use
39 reviews
Zeabur revolutionizes PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), enabling developers to deploy services effortlessly. Our platform supports any programming language or framework. Say goodbye to deployment hassles. With Zeabur, bring your coding genius to life swiftly and smoothly.
Md.Mustakim Ahmed 🧙‍
Orji Sylvanus
Haoming Zhu
Md.Mustakim Ahmed 🧙‍ and 108 others use Zeabur is a self-hosted continuous delivery & deployment platform with version management. With the platform's help, SaaS businesses can deploy and manage their containerized stack for testing or production purposes faster. The platform has proven its worth alongside industry and market leading organizations by automating software maintenance tasks to reduce cognitive load on software engineers, and introducing transparency to already existing software development lifecycles.
Volga Butsko
Brad Copeland
regina daniel
Volga Butsko and 0 others use platform
8 reviews
Convex is a full-stack TypeScript development platform that keeps you focused on your product. Use our realtime database to build apps that are reactive by default. Integrate OpenAI into your workflows with builtin functions, scheduling, and vector search.
Wayne Sutton
Mikael Lirbank
Wayne Sutton and 28 others use Convex
6 reviews
A platform WordPress entrepreneurs and teams, offering seamless managed hosting and effortless website management. Entrepreneurs can focus on their core business while their web designers and developers benefit from an intuitive interface, advanced tools, and a centralized dashboard. With reliable performance, scalability, and security on Dollie's private cloud infrastructure, entrepreneurs can confidently build and grow their businesses.
George Tudor
Eamonn O'C O'C
Gabriel F.
George Tudor and 7 others use Dollie
18 reviews
Argonaut automates app deployments and infra management on your cloud. Companies leverage Argonaut to get flexible push-to-deploy pipelines and scalable infrastructure, in minutes instead of months.
Deepak Sharma
ZinThu Aung
Deepak Sharma and 21 others use Argonaut
3 reviews
Managing a WordPress site might be easy. But managing multiple sites over different server/cloud platforms? Now that sounds like a real hassle as a Dev. Unless you are using FlyWP! Now, you can just connect your servers to FlyWP and host any WordPress sites.
Tareq Hasan
Saif Hassan
Giacomo Torricelli
Tareq Hasan and 6 others use FlyWP