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The modern identity platform for B2B SaaS
Zeus Proxy
32 reviews
The finest platform for proxy services, offering 100M+ residential proxies, including HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxies. Ideal for multiple account management, large-scale data collection and web scraping.
Brenda Cano
Emery Walker
Elizabeth Jackson
Brenda Cano and 48 others use Zeus Proxy
35 reviews
Uniblock is the first API orchestration layer for Web3 intelligently routing calls to the best data provider for speed, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Trusted by 1,000+ devs, Uniblock connects to 180+ endpoints and saves an avg of 25% monthly on data costs.
Kazi Asif Mahmud
Aly Madhavji 穆亚霖
Parth Prajapati
Kazi Asif Mahmud and 54 others use Uniblock
15 reviews
Build AI Agents / Actions using APIs alone. Agents can 🕵️‍♂️ fetch relevant context for user's request and 🔁 take actions on users' behalf. They can be 🚀 deployed anywhere and 👫 shared with a community to create a vibrant network of Agents / Actions.
Mun Kim
Marit Taylor
Jordan Jemison
Mun Kim and 28 others use Monoid
10 reviews
Single API that helps you integrate with 20+ HR and recruitment systems in one go 🚀 Now, reduce the time, cost and effort of building & maintaining integrations 1:1. Launch integrations faster, close deals quicker — for FREE. Start with our free plan 👉
Priyanka Sahu
Ghost Kitty
Priyanka Sahu and 5 others use Knit API
27 reviews
SuprSend is a notification infrastructure to build and manage product notifications across all channels. With SuprSend API and dashboard, developers and product owners can ship cross-channel notifications fast, iterate on them quickly and scale easily.
Naman Sarawagi
Viren Baid
Gaurav Verma
Naman Sarawagi and 39 others use SuprSend
35 reviews
Merge is one API to add hundreds of integrations to your product. Merge’s platform makes secure data access easy by offering Unified APIs across key software categories, including HRIS, accounting, CRM, file storage, and more. Merge handles the full integrations lifecycle — from an easy initial build taking weeks, to providing integration observability tools ensuring customer delight, and fully owning the maintenance of integrations. Thousands of companies use Merge to power their integrations.
Geoffrey Tisserand
Anthony Tobelaim
Basile Senesi
Geoffrey Tisserand and 50 others use Merge
12 reviews
Phyllo is a universal API pipe that helps developers get access to creator-permissioned data across multiple platforms. This data can be used to power critical use cases in industries such as influencer marketing, financial services, creator tools and Web3.
Arpan Samuel Ramtek
★ Aydarius ★
Arpan Samuel Ramtek and 36 others use Phyllo
Transform your projects through utility APIs. Adopting utility APIs will help you save: 15- 30% of time spent in developing and running services ⏰ Up to 25% of infrastructure costs 📊 Join the 40,000+ developers who are using our APIs , from simple utilities to cutting-edge AI-powered utilities, powering 15K+ applications.
Sandy Kong
Fabio Salvadori
Nikolas Dimitroulakis
Sandy Kong and 73 others use ApyHub : The API Ecosystem
4 reviews
Unlock the full potential of prompt engineering, a vital key to outstanding AI-generated content, without the complexity. With PromptPerfect, you can easily develop, debug, and deploy optimized prompts for models like GPT4, ChatGPT, MidJourney, DALL-E 2, and StableDiffusion. Leverage the power of our advanced platform to consistently achieve superior results and enhance the capabilities of LLMs and LMs. Ideal for prompt engineers, content creators, and AI developers.
Leo Gopal
Nishit Bhatt
Gabriel Villa
Leo Gopal and 34 others use PromptPerfect
4 reviews
Everyone’s “simple” is different. Developers and system admins love our single-click integrations and self-serve automation tools for domains, DNS, SLL, and more. Enterprise teams simplify management of the most complex domain portfolios through our NEW Domain Control Plane. Whether you manage one domain or 100,000 domains, DNSimple delivers simple, secure domain management solutions. Learn more ->
John Britton
Jason McCay
Matthew Lehner
John Britton and 8 others use DNSimple