The best ai coding assistants in 2024

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AI coding assistants use artificial intelligence to assist developers with their coding tasks. These assistants analyze code, provide suggestions, offer auto-completion, and help catch errors or bugs.
Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
82 reviews
Codelita® is an online platform for learning programming from scratch, even on mobile devices!
Johny burg
Alice Goode
Hussam and 193 others use Codelita
168 reviews helps builders launch 10x faster by converting designs into production-ready code for web and mobile. We offer 2 options in Free Beta. Locofy Lightning - 1 click design to code, powered by Large Design Models, available for Figma to web, and Locofy Classic - step by step heuristics conversion available for Figma and Adobe XD to web and mobile apps. Use either and sync code to GitHub or pull into VS code.
Joris Delanoue
Alex Circei
Joris Delanoue and 501 others use
52 reviews
Create apps automagically with AI. Just say what you want and generate prototypes for apps and sites in seconds.
Dhruv Amin
Juan Sebastián Romero
L Gerardo Telleria O
Dhruv Amin and 124 others use Create
81 reviews
Back4app is a powerful and comprehensive platform designed for building and deploying scalable mobile and web applications with ease. It offers a streamlined, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface for creating applications with minimal coding, while still allowing for advanced customization and configuration. - Back4app supports the most popular programming languages and frameworks, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to create, deploy & scale applications quickly and easily.
Elias Ruiz Monserrat
Anthony Green
Gus Oliveira and 134 others use Back4app
AI Anywhere
33 reviews
AI Anywhere is a software powered by ChatGPT that can help you translate, rephrase, and explain text select from any app, chat about anything, and generate HQ content using best prompts. It works with all apps and websites. Trigger it by hitting Option+Space.
Sophia Hong
Johny burg
Drew Dunham
Sophia Hong and 123 others use AI Anywhere
32 reviews
Create powerful APIs, schedule jobs, backend tasks with BuildShip. Connect together any AI model, pre-built workflow nodes, or generate one with AI. Tweak with code (if needed), and deploy instantly in one click. Experience the new way to build & ship!
Lishi He
Steve Joe
Nicholas Sollazzo
Lishi He and 82 others use BuildShip
21 reviews
Codejet helps builders code 50% faster by converting designs to production ready code. Create a project in Figma, and Codejet will convert it into clean and open TypeScript code (along with RWD and end-to-end testing).
Sebastian Janus - derStartupCFO
Luis Rieke
Marcin Pastuszek
Sebastian Janus - derStartupCFO and 62 others use Codejet
26 reviews
Our goal: Enable anyone to build and deploy custom web–apps ❤ • Specify what you want • Get a deployed web application • Iterate in plain english
Amir Rustamzadeh
Erik Bjäreholt
Mikk Putk
Amir Rustamzadeh and 48 others use
27 reviews
Pulumi is a open-source cloud development platform: a pure code (JS, TS, Python, and Go) framework for building and deploying serverless, containers, data, infrastructure to any cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), and Kubernetes.
Aaron Gibralter
Bas codes
Aarav Pittman
Aaron Gibralter and 48 others use Pulumi
18 reviews
Fine's AI agents are software developers that never sleep. They understand business requirements, analyze your codebase, plan, generate code, and even test your app. Let them handle the tedious tasks and achieve your goals with unparalleled efficiency.
Jonathan Harel
Ron Hagafny
Agam More
Jonathan Harel and 23 others use Fine