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Zeus Proxy
32 reviews
The finest platform for proxy services, offering 100M+ residential proxies, including HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxies. Ideal for multiple account management, large-scale data collection and web scraping.
Brenda Cano
Emery Walker
Elizabeth Jackson
Brenda Cano and 48 others use Zeus Proxy
115 reviews
Cloaked is a people-first privacy app that generates virtual identities to protect your personal data. No one should have to choose between staying connected and personal privacy — with Cloaked, you can try new products, travel, shop, and even meet new people while staying in control of your data. Unique and unlimited phone numbers, passwords, and payments set us apart from other privacy tools and password managers. Go ahead and give them your (Cloaked) info — and say goodbye to spam forever.
Catt Small
Pardees Safizadeh
Phil Libin
Catt Small and 268 others use Cloaked
19 reviews
Every application requires managing permissions, and complexity is constantly on the rise. provides permissions as a service (ReBAC, Policy as Code, APIs, and customer facing UI), so developers can check this as done and focus on their core product.
Kate Gibson
Ghost Kitty
Mia and 51 others use
Beyond Identity
12 reviews
Cloud-native authentication platform that helps developers ship universal passkey support quickly, offload security, and driver higher user conversions.
Nelson Melo
Genevieve Lopez
Gianna Lopez
Nelson Melo and 30 others use Beyond Identity
9 reviews
Your team is your best defense against attacks. Empower them to build safe, scalable access workflows. Sym's approach to access management removes the pain of manual ticket queues and unmaintainable internal tools. Our low-code, DevOps-friendly workflow platform unlocks authorization tooling that is maintainable and highly customizable.
Drew Dunham
Michael Thomas
Lady Agnes
Drew Dunham and 14 others use Sym
8 reviews
Creating a secure app shouldn’t be that hard. Pangea makes it fast and easy with its Security Platform as a Service (SPaaS), which unifies the fragmented world of security into a simple set of APIs for developers to call directly into their apps.
Danger Casey
Tanya Russo
verlaine j muhungu
Danger Casey and 18 others use Pangea
BoilerCode by Dome is a catalog of SaaS boilerplates to help you ship your next product super fast. Stripe, LemonSqueezy, Auth, and Emails Integrations come out of the box with BoilerCode. With Dome, you can deploy your template and have a SaaS company up-and-running in no time!
Rajtilak Bhattacharjee
Thom Crowe
Nancy Smith
Rajtilak Bhattacharjee and 28 others use BoilerCode by Dome
8 reviews
Every app needs authentication and authorization. Logto is an open-source Auth0 alternative designed for modern apps and SaaS products.
Lishi He
Michel Courtine
Murat Gözel
Lishi He and 31 others use Logto
12 reviews
Phyllo is a universal API pipe that helps developers get access to creator-permissioned data across multiple platforms. This data can be used to power critical use cases in industries such as influencer marketing, financial services, creator tools and Web3.
Arpan Samuel Ramtek
★ Aydarius ★
Arpan Samuel Ramtek and 36 others use Phyllo
7 reviews
Corbado provides the most secure and convenient passwordless authentication with passkeys to onboard, authenticate and engage users. We take care of your cross-platform and cross-device aspects. You boost conversion rates and improve the user experience.
Vincent Delitz
Lukas Rüger
Leon Doosry
Vincent Delitz and 13 others use Corbado