The best chrome extensions in 2024

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Chrome extensions are nifty little tools that enhance your browsing experience and add extra functionality to your Google Chrome browser. These mini-apps can be installed from the Chrome Web Store and appear as icons in your browser's toolbar.
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Kudos is a free AI-powered wallet that revolutionizes the way you use credit cards. With Kudos, you can receive smart recommendations on which card to use at checkout to maximize your rewards, autofill your card information (including CCV) in one click, access elevated credit card offers via CardMatch™, answer all your personal finance questions with MariaGPT, and more. Join 200,000+ shoppers who trust Kudos and begin your journey to smarter spending today!
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Brian Yip
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Cloaked is a people-first privacy app that generates virtual identities to protect your personal data. No one should have to choose between staying connected and personal privacy — with Cloaked, you can try new products, travel, shop, and even meet new people while staying in control of your data. Unique and unlimited phone numbers, passwords, and payments set us apart from other privacy tools and password managers. Go ahead and give them your (Cloaked) info — and say goodbye to spam forever.
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Scribe automatically creates step-by-step process guides. Now, with Pages, add your guides to a custom process document alongside text, lists and video. Create beautiful onboarding guides, training materials, SOPs and more — in minutes!
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Simon Biasotto
Daniel Pardi
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Collabwriting turns your online research into an asset by transforming it into an actionable knowledge base. Our Chrome extension helps you share, comment, and collaborate on any content you find online.
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ChatGPT works alongside you on any webpage with the ChatGPT sidebar. Whether you are reading or writing on the web, the sidebar is always by your side.
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Where developers grow together. Free and open source!
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Make your life easier with AI voice notes! Just speak, and let the AI transcribe, clean up and structure your voice. Create clean transcripts, summaries, emails, video scripts and many more. And it works in 50+ languages! Try it for free today!
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A Telegram bot to help you save everything instantly and search easily ⬇️ Save everything (images, videos, PDFs, articles...) 🔎 Search it back with ease ✨ Get shareable key notes instantly 🆓 FREE to use, forever! Try now on:
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moot app
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moot is an innovative application that allows users to share their thoughts and opinions on any website or link without limitations. it provides a platform for open discussion and interaction.
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