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ioni is a ChatGPT-based AI platform that automatically generates responses to customer support inquiries, using knowledge bases as the main source. ioni helps to improve your customer experience and increase the efficiency of customer support teams.
Udayraj Parmar
Tornike Tsiramua
Slava Nikitenko
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After the great success of ChatGPT Data & Analytics (#5 product of the day) "Master of Data" is the largest collection of Prompts entirely dedicated to Data Analysis and Data Science. Use ChatGPT prompts as a co-pilot in your learning journey.
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Kate Chasten
clyde leverett jr
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Cycle is the fastest way for your team to capture product feedback and share customer insights - without the busywork 👉
Zach Holman
Ahmed Men
Caroline Clark
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AI Tools Kit is Productive AI, Seo, Writing, Social media & Marketing tools platform which provides tools eg AI Art Generator, Prompt Engineering, Keyword Research, Image Quality Enhancer, Youtube Countrywise Trends Finder, Social Media Tools, Image Optimizer, Image Background Remover, Instagram Hashtags Generator, Youtube tools, Text to Speech, Speech to Text, Image Texts Extractor & 50+ More. More demanding and trending tools are launching soon (Stay Tuned)
Rob Hussey
Vitaly Aver
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A collection of prompt examples to be used with the ChatGPT model. To get started, simply clone this repository and use the prompts in the file as input for ChatGPT. You can also use the prompts in this file as inspiration for creating your own.
Fatih Kadir Akın
Wilco de Kreij
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ChatGPT For Search Engines - Prompt Templates is a convenient way for ChatGPT users to quickly receive responses to any questions from ChatGPT directly on search engines. Furthermore, users can access 70+ best prompts templates. There are a wide range of prompts for diverse fields from blog outline, email letter to your favorite poem. It is also a good way for users to explore top ChatGPT prompts for SEO, Marketing, Art, Programming, and many others. One more advanced feature of this extension is OpenAI API Configs. If the API that powers the Web is sometimes unstable, OpenAI official API is more stable and charged by usage.
Victor Zhang
Konok Nazmul
Vishal Patel
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R2 Copilot
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R2 Copilot is a privacy-centric, GPT-powered AI assistant for business communications. R2 Copilot is available as an add-in for Microsoft Office 365 products, social media platforms, and as an extension for various online services and applications.
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Thinkbuddy AI
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Thinkbuddy transforms your Mac. Use voice or screenshots to ask AI, execute commands with text selection, create/save custom prompts, customize shortcuts for quick use, and dictate with Whisper. Choose AI model for a seamless, efficient MacOS experience.
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FlipJungle: The AI EdTech revolution for K-12. Experience 1:1 AI tutoring, emotion-sensing diaries, and a multilingual platform in 7 languages. Join and redefine education! -multi-scenario AI Job simulation -group study and personalized 1:1 AI classes for an active to earn -world first large multimodal edtech
Annie Chopra
Rolando Carr
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Can you afford skipping on AI adoption? 🤔 Team-GPT guarantees ChatGPT adoption for teams between 2 and 2,000 people. Organize knowledge, collaborate, and master AI in one shared workspace. 🚀
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Yavor Belakov [Team-GPT]
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