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AI Powers is an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the content creation landscape by leveraging advanced AI technologies.
Ghost Kitty
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Leave the traditional behind. Upgrade to Wope for a synergy of rank tracking & market research with Al to craft winning content.
Oğuz Yağız Kara
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fynk is the next generation of contract management software, transforming how businesses handle their agreements with state-of-the-art AI technology. With fynk, you can instantly turn legacy contracts and new agreements into dynamic, structured data, enabling seamless integration into powerful workflows. Ideal for SMEs and growth-focused companies, fynk supports real-time collaboration, sophisticated metadata extraction, and advanced digital signatures.
Rohan Chaubey
Felix Scholz
Tanya Pereira
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18 reviews
Convin is a software that helps your sales teams record, transcribe, and analyze their conversations to give data-backed feedback in real-time. Seamlessly integrates with your tech stack & is used for sales training, coaching, onboarding, enablement, and more.
Pranita Kakade
Kush Shrivastava
Shivam Gupta
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Granola is an AI-powered notepad that makes taking & using meeting notes a breeze. It blends your own notes with smart transcription to capture every detail. With its simple design & advanced AI, Granola ensures your notes are not just recorded, but useful.
Alexander Niehaus
Jo Barrow
Jordan Crook
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AI or Not
2 reviews
AI or Not is an AI detector trusted by 100k+ users that checks for AI generated content in images, audio, KYC identity documents and more. We help businesses stop fraud, power content moderation and prevent KYC scams.
Mojiboye Emmanuel Oluwole
Mikalai Rysnik
Usha725 Dev
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Boost your LinkedIn leads with Becca AI. Becca's AI-powered analyzer scans your current posts, your tone of voice and your niche, to create and send you engaging posts on Whatsapp consistently, which sounds just like you.
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Ylze de Groot
Sebastian Storm
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Pipeless Agents allows you to run automations that get triggered by visual inputs, from cameras, streaming platforms, or any video source. You do not need to know anything about vision, it automatically converts your video streams to an actionable data stream.
Miguel Angel Cabrera Miñagorri
Srihari “Haleshot” Thyagarajan
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Answer these 20+ questions and Elona Musk, the AI role model for female entrepreneurs will give you her opinion on your potential as an entrepreneur. We put years of research and startup experience into all of our tools so that more women become entrepreneurs.
Fe/male Switch
Darya Nikitina
Fe/male Switch uses Entrepreneurial potential test for women
Pun Generator
2 reviews
Punfinity bring to you, one of the best Pun Generator's Ever. In Addition, to just he simple puns, it has the everything from to choose Homophones to Compound Puns. Best for Humor and creative writers.
Shaheer Hassan
Max Louis
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