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Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
13 reviews
A fast & free way to find where your email, phone number, and home address are listed publicly online, then remove them to protect your privacy.
Alex Iskold
Christopher Deutsch
Alex Iskold and 34 others use Kanary
219 reviews
Mine’s app lets you discover your digital footprint and remove your personal data from services you no longer use.
Gil Eyal
Ilil Ben-shalom
Ghost Kitty
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PenTest PRO
7 reviews
PenTest PRO promises 24/7 Vulnerability Management, Compliance Audit, Application Security, DarkWeb Monitoring, and Social Engineering Assessment by allowing businesses to Subscribe Now and Pay Later.
Vlad Zivkovic
Slava Nikitenko
Annie Chopra
Vlad Zivkovic and 13 others use PenTest PRO
5 reviews
If something happened to you now, and couldn’t communicate your actions for a long time, what would you need to say to your family, friends or co-workers? Albwer allows you to configure messages to be delivered when you are absent for a certain amount of time.
Aria Trang sức bạc
Miguel Magalhaes
Вера Карпина
Aria Trang sức bạc and 10 others use Albwer
SecureAI Tools is a self-hosted alternative to popular AI tools like ChatGPT and ChatPDF. It offers Individual Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Individual Edition is a desktop app for individuals -- it runs everything locally on your computer so all your data remains private and secure. The Enterprise Edition is for teams of all shapes and sizes -- it is meant to be self-hosted within company infrastructure (on-premise, private cloud or even air-gapped facilities).
SecureAI Tools
Jay uses SecureAI Tools
4 reviews
Cybird DNS provides comprehensive cybersecurity for individuals, families, and businesses. Individuals, enjoy secure browsing and privacy protection across all devices. Families benefit from child-safe content and insight into online habits. Businesses get continuity with minimal distractions and network monitoring. Enjoy a hassle-free, one-time setup for seamless security. There's no need for app installations or updates, ensuring a fast, modern, cloud-based security experience.
Mangesh Bhamre
Bill Cale
Ahmed Mohamed
Mangesh Bhamre and 24 others use Cybird
Workverse: Beyond meetings. Embrace an immersive virtual workspace for focused collaboration, workshops, parties, and games - all in one secure place. Boost productivity and create lasting connections. Experience the future of remote work today.
Mustafa Ewatomilola
ASHRAF MOHAMMED and 8 others use Workverse Virtual Workspace
A membership for travelers, nomads and expats. Receive up to 20 hours per month for matters pertaining to driving infractions, minor violations, criminal incidents, immigration, visa and initial legal representation (sampling of services typically provided).
Andrew Jernigan
Weronika Popiolek
Saurav  Dewalwar
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ScamNet is an anti-scam app that lets you know when things are “scammy” and stops them before it reaches you. It's engineered to shield you from scams proactively in addition to enabling you to check for scams manually. Don't wait until it's too late;
Mohan Saravanan
Mohan Saravanan uses ScamNet: Anti-Scam App
2 reviews
Turrit is a new and impressive Telegram API-based messenger that keeps security and privacy. Turrit's developers are the best! They actively engage, collect feedback, and roll out monthly updates. Prompt bug fixes and maintain excellent communication.
Mia Stephen
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