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My Daily Choice: Elevate Your Wellness, Empower Your Income. Imagine a world where taking care of yourself unlocks financial opportunities, building a supportive community, and even a little friendly competition. ✨ That's My Daily Choice (MDC) in a nutshell!
Susan Miller
Godwin Adache
Adache Godwin
Susan Miller and 10 others use My Daily Choice
Cambrean is the health assistant in your pocket. The first app to analyze sleep, nutrition, workouts & vitals together. Connect your data sources (Whoop, MyFitnessPal, Strava, Oura & more) and start getting insights today.
Dave Jeffery
Ghost Kitty
Jay Peterson
Dave Jeffery and 10 others use Cambrean (Beta)
5 reviews
Relm is a first-of-its-kind smart scented wax warmer designed for a modern home aromatherapy experience.
Norayr Margarian
Hannah Price
Jenifer Lee
Norayr Margarian and 5 others use Relm
Truuu is a unique audio trivia game designed to entertain, educate, and engage. Whether you're a trivia enthusiast, a lifelong learner, or just looking for some audio fun, Truuu has something for everyone.
Etienne Marais
Romario Lourenco
Anthony Chase
Etienne Marais and 17 others use Truuu: Trivia Quiz Audio Game
My next product is both funny AND useful. PeeSport Pee Bottle is a portable urinal that works for men and women. It's anti-bacterial and, let's be honest, the design of this thing is pretty cool. For camping, festivals and road trips.
Franklyn Gibbs
Amber Foster
Ghost Kitty
Franklyn Gibbs and 9 others use PeeSport Pee Bottle
Armodilo Display Solutions specializes in cutting-edge Tablet kiosks and Enclosures for diverse sectors such as POS, Healthcare, Tradeshows, Retail, and Hospitality. Our innovative designs seamlessly integrate technology, enhancing user experiences. With a commitment to quality, Armodilo transforms spaces with functional, elegant, and versatile display solutions. Elevate your engagement with Armodilo's state-of-the-art offerings.
Chris Willard
Laura White
Mohamed Ansary
Chris Willard and 2 others use Armodilo Display Solutions
Monoblocc is a revolutionary monitor rigging solution, that allows you to attach any accessory directly to your monitor's VESA mount! It uses 15mm camera rig rods and follows common tripod standards, so its fully compatible with aftermarket mounting solutions!
Irene Banks
Mr Tavetski
Brian Raftery
Irene Banks uses Monoblocc Monitor Rig
12inchx16inch travel kit under 6lbs to simulate 99.9% of weight machine you’d use at the gym. Train anywhere. A product that takes all the concepts from the gym and combines them into one solution, BRINGING THE GYM TO YOU! Pair it with app for guided workouts!
Sami Ullah
Jennifer Springer
Nala Steward
Sami Ullah and 11 others use TripFit- the travelsize gym
Our API empowers companies with more meaningful health data. Easily process and embed data from hundreds of wearables with our single integration and gain access to deeper understanding and more actionable insights to drive innovation.
wxs Li
Ina Ross
wxs Li and 10 others use ROOK - An API for Wearable Health Data
6 reviews
FindMyCat is the ultimate pet tracking solution. With a battery that can last upto 6 months, works indoors and outdoors, no monthly subscription fees and a fully open-source solution, it just might be the only pet tracker you'll ever need.
Marketiva Solutions
Dilshad K
Jens Seiler
Marketiva Solutions uses FindMyCat