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Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
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Turn your ideas into beautiful, illustrated children's stories. Digital stories are free to create and share. For just $19.99, print your story into a beautifully illustrated physical book in minutes!
Genevieve Lopez
Josh Anderson
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PDF Dash
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Publishing PDF multipage documents is now easy with pre-made professional PDF layout templates. You can now quickly publish your manuals, reports, books and ebooks, research papers with easy to use pre-designed PDF templates uses PDF Dash
Unique photobooks featuring a loved one as the protagonist, with wonderful illustrations personalized at the protagonist's appearance.
Gonçalo G
Phil Calzavara
Gonçalo G uses dreamstories.
In our first recommendation, “Atomic Habits,” James Clear presents valuable insights on how to form good habits, break bad ones, and ultimately transform your life.
Patricia Djami
Patricia Djami uses Atomic habits
Have you been battling robots in your head? This audiobook will ease your AI anxiety. If AI overlords are taking over your job in your head, then this is for you! No more losing sleep over artificial intelligence evicting you from your working station!
Pietro Zuco
Pietro Zuco uses How to Overcome AI Anxiety
Unlock the power of Instagram and turn your passion into a lucrative business with the "InstaProfit" eBook. This comprehensive guide will take your Instagram game to the next level, making it your ultimate ProfitGram.
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Preserve your parents' life stories and precious family memories in a beautiful book. Effortless ✨ The perfect gift for your mother or grandmother🎁 Your personal AI biographer, Lisa, guides you and takes care of everything Receive a 250-page book at the end📗
Chaïb Martinez
Heavenly Mery
Sârâ Ernart Ok
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Are you ready to break free from the chains of economic disparity? Discover the blueprint to financial success in "Empowering Africa: A Blueprint for Economic Success" a transformative ebook that delves deep into the heart of economic empowerment.
Shaurine Munguti
African Reporter
Pedrine Capel
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🚀 Dive into productivity with The Good Life Digital Planner! Made for creators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, this quarterly planner takes you from yearly resolutions to daily goals. Elevate your planning this coming year and achieve your dreams! 🌟
Annie Chopra
Shelly Moore
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Bookmarks IO
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Bookmarks IO helps you to store a digital bookmark, simply by typing in which page you last read/are currently reading, so that the next time you open your book to read after a long time, you don't forget, where you had stopped previously.