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GoIT built its LMS to kickstart your career in tech. By entering emerging markets, we promote equality in the industry and shape the future of work. As Ukrainians, we help our displaced talents to succeed abroad or to boost their achievements here.
Soroosh Rabet
Vitalii Smyrnov
Qudsia Ali and 601 others use GoIT LMS
86 reviews
Codelita® is an online platform for learning programming from scratch, even on mobile devices!
Johny burg
Alice Goode
Hussam and 207 others use Codelita
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Learn a skill. Learn a trade. Educate yourself and get rewarded for it in crypto and NFTs. Continuum is founded and led by self-taught creatives. We’ve personally had our lives changed by the incredible generosity of the creative community online. We built Continuum to tap into this community and give it the resources and tools it deserves. As creatives, we’ve posted millions of pieces of content — tutorials, insights, advice, resources, etc. — yet we are still operating, in our view, a globally dispersed design and business school, on various photo and video-sharing platforms. Continuum was built specifically for the creative community and our learning ecosystem. We are a curated feed of short-form content on all the topics you need to thrive as a creative in today’s digital-first world. Everything on the platform is actionable, educational, and supported by gamified learning features like rewards, notes, and quizzes.
Salar Davari
Qudsia Ali and 156 others use Continuum
32 reviews
Khaime is all-in-one AI powered platform tailored for course creators, coaches, and educators to build their training site, in order to seamlessly manage their communities, craft courses, develop materials, schedule consultation sessions, and effortlessly handle payments – all while maintaining the unique essence of their brand.
Gabriel Olokunwolu
Cherryl Davis
Ghost Kitty
Gabriel Olokunwolu and 88 others use Khaime
96 reviews
Uxcel is the ultimate companion to learning UX/UI design. Trusted by designers, developers, and product managers alike, our mission is to empower global UX/UI design education with the most effective courses and interactive tools.
Bruno Oyama
Rod Paris
Bruno Oyama and 94 others use Uxcel
48 reviews
Simpia - AI Virtual Piano Instructor, we offer all-in-one personalized piano learning, whether you're a beginner or intermediate player. You can achieve the fastest results with detailed guidance on every single aspect.
Han Nguyen
Kate Chasten
Thomas Tran
Han Nguyen and 134 others use Simpia
26 reviews
Brand new way to learn to code for kids and adults alike.
Sonny Li
Alice Yu
Ghost Kitty
Sonny Li and 61 others use Codédex
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Keep everyone engaged and focused on one window and one outcome. 🔥 Prep your agenda ahead of time with expert-created templates, engage participants with delightful tools, and collaborate effectively without having to juggle multiple tabs and windows!
Maisha L. Cannon
Scott D. Meyer
Ron Cohen
Maisha L. Cannon and 137 others use Butter
25 reviews
RevMyWork - is a platform where users can submit their work for review to experts to receive valuable feedback and actionable advice 🚀. While experts can quickly sign up and monetize their experience by helping others improve their craft!
Pavla Bobosikova
Bapusaheb Patil
Bohan Wang
Pavla Bobosikova and 61 others use
Zora Learning
25 reviews
Do you like: Dinosaurs? Pirates? Space Zombies? Zora can craft a personalized story for you that adapts to your reading level! Create your own characters and explore new genres. With each chapter, Zora adapts and grows with your ability!
Andrew Brackin
Salar Davari
Apoorv Agrawal
Andrew Brackin and 36 others use Zora Learning