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Crowdfunding platforms provide a space where project creators can showcase their projects, set funding goals, and offer incentives or rewards to encourage people to contribute.
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You and your loved ones can engrave a name (25 characters) or dream (70 characters) on the A Billion Dreams space plaque, launching on the SpaceX Falcon 9 Transporter-10 Rocket. This plaque, attached to a satellite, will orbit earth for 5-10 years!
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Alyssia Jovellanos
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Unlock a new stream of earning from your creative passion with Crowdfundly! Receive tips, offer exclusive memberships, and sell your creative content, all in one place. Stay connected with your fans through engaging posts and cultivate a supportive community.
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Kickstarter is an American public-benefit corporation based in Brooklyn, New York, that maintains a global crowdfunding platform focused on creativity and merchandising.
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Join the Coliving Semkovo Co-op in Bulgaria! Own a studio, live, and rent out in a 180,000 sq ft ex-ski resort, set for digital nomad coliving, remote team retreats and coworking. Fully-managed studios incl. share in co-op start at $17k +$9k renovation.
Tomas Gurvicius
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HiDock H1
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🎧 Record iPhone Calls and Meetings 🤖️ HW+SW, No Virtual Bots 📍 Real-Time Voice Marking During Conversations 🎙️ Supports Long Recordings Up to 4 Hours 👍 Noise-free Communication, Highly Accurate Transcript 💰 No Subscription, Use First, Pay Later
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At WISHX, we believe that every special moment in life should be cherished and celebrated. Whether it's your birthday, an important milestone, or a significant event, WISHX is here to make your dreams come true.
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Feature rich android home with minimal look.
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Givepact is a platform for crypto philanthropy. Through Givepact, crypto holders can make direct donations to any nonprofit in the U.S., setup a donor-advised fund, or make crypto donations at the smart-contract level.
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Social and business networking meets crowdfunding with micropayments using Code Wallet. On, earn by supporting or promoting causes, from influencer projects to environmental endeavors. Share your favorite fundraisers on your social networks or blog.
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With you can make a public page that you promote on your projects. Visitors can donate small amounts on your page or even subscribe to you. We exist to provide your users with an easy way to show their appreciation for your work.