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KhaimeGudSho Video
Platforms and software specifically designed for virtual events offer features and tools to facilitate event management, registration, content delivery, and attendee engagement.
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Khaime is all-in-one AI powered platform tailored for course creators, coaches, and educators to build their training site, in order to seamlessly manage their communities, craft courses, develop materials, schedule consultation sessions, and effortlessly handle payments – all while maintaining the unique essence of their brand.
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Ghost Kitty
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Cosmos is a virtual space for remote teams that helps with real-time collaboration without the hassle of scheduling calls or waiting for replies. Whether it's daily syncs, standups, or spontaneous chats, Cosmos ensures you and your team stay in the flow, enhancing productivity and engagement.
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Sunil Nair
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GudSho Video
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GUDSHO is a premium video monetization platform “exclusively” built for established and premium creators—of all kinds—across the world to create channels, upload videos, monetize their efforts, and transform their talent into a thriving business model.
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