The best virtual events in 2024

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TechchakHuddlesNifty SparksMicrolaunchMonax IslandBeams Virtual Event Platform
Platforms and software specifically designed for virtual events offer features and tools to facilitate event management, registration, content delivery, and attendee engagement.
Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
32 reviews
Techchak is all-in-one AI powered platform tailored for course creators, coaches, and educators to build their training site, in order to seamlessly manage their communities, craft courses, develop materials, schedule consultation sessions, and effortlessly handle payments – all while maintaining the unique essence of their brand.
Gabriel Olokunwolu
Lazar J
Aaron and 83 others use Techchak
130 reviews
Cosmos is a virtual space for remote teams that helps with real-time collaboration without the hassle of scheduling calls or waiting for replies. Whether it's daily syncs, standups, or spontaneous chats, Cosmos ensures you and your team stay in the flow, enhancing productivity and engagement.
Arjun Kava
Abhi S
Sunil Nair
Arjun Kava and 61 others use Cosmos Video
6 reviews
At Huddles, we redefine the essence of team meetings. Dive into a space where every voice is heard, collaboration is effortless, conclusions are actionable, and progress is palpable.
Andrew Pangelina
Janpo Pan
Andrew Pangelina and 9 others use Huddles
65 reviews
Make virtual spaces to bring people together and connect authentically. Gather combines video calling with fun features in a custom 2-D world, making it more spontaneous and enjoyable to get together for work, life, or play. Come join!
Utkarsh Agarwal
Daniel Kim
Utkarsh Agarwal and 84 others use Gather Town
Nifty Sparks
5 reviews
Discover the Metaverse with Nifty Sparks - your ultimate guide to everything related to the Metaverse. Find resources, jobs, games, events, and metaverse-related news all in one place.
Alice Banners
John Lionheart
Alice Banners and 35 others use Nifty Sparks
4 reviews
A modern launch platform for early products: get feedback, traction and first customers over a month. Both ideas and product are scored separately. Your products get eventually roasted or boosted.
Sabari Nathan
Felix Hirschfeld
Javier García Floriano
Sabari Nathan and 6 others use Microlaunch
Monax Island
3 reviews
2-5 players tackle the challenges and mysteries of an island inhabited by strange marmots called Monax. This multi-level co-op browser game is an ultimate team experience for real connections, fun and teamwork. Play together. Grow together.
Paul Stanzenberger [teamazing]
David M.
Wolfgang Weinhofer - Emberschitz
Paul Stanzenberger [teamazing] and 3 others use Monax Island
Platform for hosting virtual events. Instead of making a copy of in-person events, One-Window technology creates a new experience based on people’s behavior online. It allows maximally engaging attendees and converting them into leads or buyers.
Alex Knox
mike hasil
Julien de fairtual
Alex Knox and 5 others use Beams Virtual Event Platform
2 reviews
A revolutionary communication platform designed to foster authentic connections. With unique features like Call to Stage™ and Click-to-Cluster™, we make virtual interactions as genuine as real-world conversations.
Jake Strack | miingl
Yacob Bush
Riya Wankhede
Jake Strack | miingl and 12 others use miingl
Worlds Beyond
2 reviews
Worlds Beyond is a cutting-edge AI Empowered Social Creator Platform with true sandbox style creator tools to allow creators to Create, Host and Monetise immersive and diverse virtual experiences for players to Play, Own and Trade