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Warrior Network PangeaSalesHookupBandtoRoundtableStride Ecosystem10x Designers
Professional networking platforms are like virtual communities where professionals connect, grow their careers, and explore new opportunities. You can create a profile to showcase your skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and even find job openings. It's a great way to e
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Warrior Network is a revolutionary professional productivity platform for technology enthusiasts where you can share knowledge, teach, learn, meet, and be part of the world's tech database. We connect people who are passionate about productivity with the best solutions in the market to accomplish their professional and personal goals while helping others do the same. Want more? We are releasing new features every week.
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Connect with future unicorns on Pangea. Founders are looking for fractional marketers and designers. Set your own rate & hours on your free shareable profile. Find work, on your terms, commission-free.
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SalesHookup saves sales professionals 10+ hours a month networking by automating the process in 3 simple steps: 1. Select a slot - Select a time that suits your schedule 2. Get matched - We'll connect you with a peer & send you an intro 3. Meet a peer - Connect over our video platform and have fun Connect with people you wouldn't ordinarily meet, discover unique points of view from peers in similar roles, share knowledge and level up together.
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You have a voice. You are an impactful speaker. Wois is an async audiovisual platform to express your thoughts, engage in smart discussions, and network with a global community in any language you choose. With access to content production tools, a stacked library with curated questions to answer, active discussions to jump into, AI dubbing and translation, and in-depth analysis to improve your communication skills, Wois will set you on a path to become an impactful speaker.
Sergei Turkov
Anatoly Marin
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Bandto is a tool for people to grow and organize their professional network in the real world. Activate and follow Signals on the map to connect with professionals in your industry. Join Bandto and take control of your professional growth.
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With Roundtable, we’re building the marketplace and financial infrastructure to help structure investments in private markets. We help founders raise their round, syndicates structure themselves, and GPs launch their fund. We support investments in startups, but also Real Estate and Private Equity.
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Stride is a community of 1000+ founders in AI, SaaS, Healthcare, Deep-tech, Ecom and more. We've got weekly events with VCs & top founders, startup workshopping, and exclusive SaaS discounts. Share expertise, build tomorrow's companies.
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10x Designers
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Expand your design skillset through live workshops and lessons, connect with like-minded individuals and have direct access to industry professionals.
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Talent Protocol
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Talent Protocol is building the resume for the onchain era of the internet. The protocol works with trusted data sources like GitHub, Farcaster or LinkedIn to unlock unique reputation data and bring it onchain as verifiable and interoperable credentials.
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Sellers: Swipe, Match, Meet, and Sell to over 50K enterprise prospects in real-time. Book product demos the same day. Buyers: Ditch the emails, LinkedIn DMs, and obnoxious ads. LeadrPro pays you $75 for each product demo you participate in.
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