The best dating apps in 2024

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PresenceThe BreakfastRekindleLettre.appProcreate Match
Pre-Demo Leads: No name or email, but interested to buy
17 reviews
Discover people in your area with shared interests and backgrounds. Easily find and connect with nearby community members. Join a vibrant network of 20,000+ creative minds and digital nomads.
Anastasiia Zvenigorodskaia
Olga Isaeva
Anastasiia Zvenigorodskaia and 42 others use Presence
22 reviews
Want a perfect photo for social media or Tinder? No brain wrecking with prompts! Just drag a slider and get stunning results with the original quality preserved. Tweak faces to change gaze direction, identity, age, smile, or gender. All for free!
Meadow Simmons
Pavel Pavluychik
Jhony Srear
Meadow Simmons and 62 others use HeyPhoto
The Breakfast
78 reviews
An app for modern creatives to meet new people in real life. Not dating or networking. Just breakfast.
Lisa Oreshkina
Daniela Muntyan
Lisa Oreshkina and 52 others use The Breakfast
9 reviews
The inclusive dating app for open‑minded people that leaves behind the suffocating gender‑age‑sexuality‑body type filters for a never-boring playfully mystical gamified experience of getting to know others through their personalities.
Davit Zakaryan
Zhora Gambarian
Valentin and 4 others use XOXO
8 reviews
Rekindle is curated and niche dating community for previously marrieds.
Navita Pareek
Pranav Pandey
Akshat Garg
Navita Pareek and 1 others use Rekindle
16 reviews
Blink sets people up for ten minute phone dates based on what they’re looking for and when they’re free, sans the hours of swiping and days of texting, so they can cut straight to a date.
Saurabh Palan
Sharon Sun
Saurabh Palan and 16 others use Blink Date
5 reviews
A new form of deliberate communication with the joys of digital collecting and making pen-pals across the world. Immersive letter-writing experience made for the iPad
Mashfique Anwar
Farshid Humayun
Atik Hossain and 17 others use
Matchmaking for Men and Women Ready to Have Kids. Bring Your Baby to Life. Empowering you to have a baby, start a family, and leave your legacy.
Cathy Yee
Jason Neubauer
Chad G
Cathy Yee uses Procreate Match
2 reviews
Flurry lets users share their dating profile to get feedback without sharing on social media or hiring dating coaches. It makes profile tuning easy in a private, friendly space.
Julia Grant
Ilkin Abdullayev
Erickson Hoodman
Julia Grant uses Flurry
2 reviews
Erickson Hoodman
Erickson Hoodman uses Hai