The best social bookmarking in 2024

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Passkeys by Pangea
Authenticate Smarter, Not Harder
44 reviews
SkyBucket provides an all-in-one concept platform to combine and manage all bookmarks and bucket lists from various social networks and sources by creating folders, adding descriptions and using filters and search bar.
Albert Poghosyan
Alexi Mendoza
Livia Burbulea
Albert Poghosyan and 42 others use SkyBucket
25 reviews
Collabwriting turns your online research into an asset by transforming it into an actionable knowledge base. Our Chrome extension helps you share, comment, and collaborate on any content you find online.
Gabe Moronta
Sandra Idjoski
Ivan Ralic
Gabe Moronta and 56 others use Collabwriting
30 reviews
Simplify your website saving process with Bookmarkify! Quickly and easily save websites with tags, and custom descriptions, and interact with bookmarked sites in one tab. Filter, edit, delete, and switch between grid and full-screen modes options.
Ivan Salim
Mallesh Gujjala
Ivan Salim and 26 others use Bookmarkify
28 reviews
A Telegram bot to help you save everything instantly and search easily ⬇️ Save everything (images, videos, PDFs, articles...) 🔎 Search it back with ease ✨ Get shareable key notes instantly 🆓 FREE to use, forever! Try now on:
nikolaos bessis
Nam Đoàn
Audra Pakalnyte
nikolaos bessis and 93 others use SaveDay
45 reviews
Recast’s AI app helps you “read” without reading. Listen to any article as a short podcast. Co-hosts explain in real dialogue. Submit any article to convert. Or browse community recasts. Learn doing chores or on the go. Save reading and screen time.
Peter Bihr
Engin Kurutepe
Salar Davari
Peter Bihr and 113 others use Recast
11 reviews
Omnivore is a complete, open source read-it-later App for people who love to read. Save interesting articles, add notes and highlights. Organize your reading list the way you want and sync it across all your devices.
Mohammed Hisamuddin
Yana Oganesova
Mohammed Hisamuddin and 36 others use Omnivore
11 reviews
Factsplat lets you organize anything online. Move your links, documents, tools and tabs into organized dashboards. Create the perfect starting point for your work, projects or any other purpose. Set up your personal digital structure, with graph technology.
Ghost Kitty
Svenn-Helge Vatne
Alicja Dominas
Ghost Kitty and 16 others use Factsplat
9 reviews
Launch your personal profile site in minutes and use it everywhere to grow your audience and get more clients. Connect your custom domain to convert Pingocard into your Personal Website.
BNB Mars Token
BNB Mars Token and 10 others use Pingocard
12 reviews
We help you build your digital content archive with AI and share it with lifelong learners.
İrem Çilingir
Cem Pekdogru
Berivan Akmanoglu
İrem Çilingir and 60 others use Wiser
7 reviews
A browser productivity tool that helps you manage browsing sessions, tabs and ultimately track your time while giving insights into your browsing effectiveness.
Tin Chung
Adam Gold
Tin Chung and 3 others use TabHub