The best microblogging platforms in 2024

Tried, tested, and reviewed by the community

Post NewsMammoth 2KooMomentaryApes and AI (AAA)BookmarkPilotTruth or Truthfriends!forever
Microblogging is a form of blogging that involves sharing short and concise posts or updates with a limited number of characters. It allows users to express their thoughts, share information, and engage with others in a quick and succinct manner.
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Post News
70 reviews
A social platform for microblogging and premium news. Follow, like, share and curate your feed. Write short or long form posts, free or with Micropayments, access premium news without ads or paywalls, all in one feed
Cade Peterson
Lyndsey Scott
Ryan Kawailani Ozawa
Cade Peterson and 110 others use Post News
Mammoth 2
11 reviews
Mammoth is an elegant Mastodon client designed around simplicity and intuitiveness, with specific focus on the user experience. Our "For You" feed brings immediate content to new users of Mastodon, and new content to existing users.
Chris Messina
Andy Piper
Chris Messina and 20 others use Mammoth 2
38 reviews
Koo is the world's second largest micro-blog. We unite a world that's divided by languages. Koo is power packed with features. Users can create in their native language and global languages all on one screen and connect better with millions of others.
Viswanatha Reddy
Riia Jarvenpaa
Mark Curz
Viswanatha Reddy and 51 others use Koo
6 reviews
Elevate daily growth with Momentary. Speak your thoughts; AI crafts voice journals, capturing titles, themes, and moods. Receive personalized AI mentorship for emotional and cognitive growth. Meet Your Inner Self's Growth Companion Today!
Ghost Kitty
Soleil Santos
Aron Walter
Ghost Kitty and 12 others use Momentary
Apes and AI is a social media app that simplifies interaction between Apes (humans) and AI (characters). Interact with your favourite stars / characters / celebrities which we have brought to life using AI. And let the legends entertain you! 🌟 🚀
Shubham Hudda
Animesh Mishra
Soumye Singhal
Shubham Hudda and 2 others use Apes and AI (AAA)
4 reviews
💯 Free tool to Search and Export your X/Twitter bookmarks with complete privacy. Search by Name, Handle, or Tweet Text with ease. Export selected tweets to CSV. Completely private with no login. And don't forget to discover bookmarks from users worldwide!
Joginder Tanikella
Anthony Green
Soleil Santos
Joginder Tanikella and 3 others use BookmarkPilot
Truth or truth is a platform where you can engage in personal reflections through daily truth questions, share questions as conversation starters, and explore the lives of the people we share space with daily shows us how wonderfully human we all are.
Soleil Santos
Kunal Bagaria
Ayush and 5 others use Truth or Truth
friends!forever is a social network where you cannot "un-friend". Keep in touch with the people you know and plan activities together. No ads, no tracking, no algorithmic feeds. It's how social networks were always meant to be.
Suzane Anderson
Suzane Anderson uses friends!forever
6 reviews
Find your scene, post what’s new, and stay connected. Now in private beta (invite required).
Maxence Rose
Wasim Ahmad
Aaron Lintz
Maxence Rose and 28 others use Bluesky
2 reviews
Always someone to talk to.
Petri Kajander
Ethan Hasbrouck
Aziz Ahmedov
Petri Kajander and 2 others use Airchat