The best newsletter platforms in 2024

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ButtondownApi HuntSweegoThe FeedNifty SparksTart Finance
Newsletter platforms are digital publishing tools, specifically designed to help you create, manage, and distribute newsletters to your subscribers. These platforms offer a range of features to simplify the process of creating and delivering engaging newsletters.
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Sell your podcasts and audio content effortlessly. Having thousands of followers on social media is cool, but is even cooler to have an audience paying for your content. Get a brand new revenue stream. Selling audio content is easier than you think.
Luis Díaz del Dedo
Daniel Vigueras
Ana Sobrino
Luis Díaz del Dedo and 23 others use Mumbler - Sell audio
18 reviews
Buttondown is the best way to start and run your newsletter
Cassidy Williams
André J
Justin Duke
Cassidy Williams and 34 others use Buttondown
21 reviews
Mailercloud is a cloud-based email marketing tool, enriched with great features, which help users to build strong relationships with their audience. It is ideal for those who wish to improve engagement rate and conversions.
Chris Wyatt
Sukhi Das
Anvar Tk
Chris Wyatt and 9 others use Mailercloud
Api Hunt
9 reviews is a curated API directory designed to simplify the discovery and integration of APIs for developers and innovators.
Mas Abdi
Team Awardly
Mas Abdi and 8 others use Api Hunt
7 reviews
Sweego is a European solution for developers that lets you send notifications easily while keeping control over your data and your environnemental impact. We're working on adding new channels in addition to email : SMS, Slack, RCS, in-app notifications...
Pierre-Yves Dubreucq
Coralie L.
Pierre-Yves Dubreucq and 8 others use Sweego
The Feed
5 reviews
🔍 Deep dives on founders drove their CAC down to $0 via building a personal brand -100% free and read by 15,000 creators + entrepreneurs
Stephen Kuhl
Nathan Cooper
Julie Brown
Stephen Kuhl and 17 others use The Feed
Nifty Sparks
5 reviews
Discover the Metaverse with Nifty Sparks - your ultimate guide to everything related to the Metaverse. Find resources, jobs, games, events, and metaverse-related news all in one place.
Alice Banners
John Lionheart
Alice Banners and 35 others use Nifty Sparks
Tart Finance
4 reviews
Revitalize your Chrome with Tart Finance 📈! Transform your new tab into a dynamic stock market hub. Enjoy real-time stock updates, news, and a personalized watchlist. Quick access to financial sites in a user-friendly setup. Perfect for market enthusiasts!
Rimli Paul
Ayun Park
Mohamed Mostafa
Rimli Paul and 15 others use Tart Finance
A daily email to push you the absolute most relevant content based on 100+ newsletter and 1000+ videos analyzed. You tell us a bit about you and find the unique gems that will help you achieve your goals. Made for busy people.
Ilias Ism
Tom Orbach
Tibo and 13 others use Daily Nugts - free Dynamic Newsletter
Founder Reports provides startup founders, entrepreneurs, and creators with inspiring and educational resources. Get free behind-the-scenes access to see how successful founders grew their businesses, with practical takeaways.
Dave @
Davis McMurrain
LMS Monks
Dave @ and 0 others use Founder Reports