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For Advertisers: Scale your newsletter advertising channel with Swapstack. We'll take on the work of identifying the right publishers and newsletters who could drive value to your business, and enable you to sponsor them at scale. For Publishers: Starting, growing, and monetizing a successful newsletter is an extremely difficult process. The process of growth & monetization can be arduous, lonely and confusing. As newsletter writers ourselves, we wanted to monetize through sponsorships, but had trouble figuring out the best way to get started. We met a ton of other writers & creators in the same boat, and started building Swapstack. We started Swapstack as an attempt to make it easier for writers to do two things: 💰 Easily meet brands that want to sponsor their newsletter
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Affiliates by Swapstack
Grow your affiliate program with Swapstack
Extend your affiliate program to 40M email newsletter readers and drive more conversions.

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💌 Publishers feature you
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Tip Jar by Swapstack
The Tip Jar by Swapstack enables newsletter writers to collect tips from their readers, for free. Connect with your readers in a new way & diversify your income!

🛠 A shareable Tip Jar page.
💰 Accept donations via Stripe
❤️ Feel love from your supporters!
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