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Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
Boost your web3 outreach with Web3 Founder Connect. Gain direct access to decision-makers in 2000+ web3 projects, and expand your reach with 2100+ web3 Twitter and YouTube influencers, podcasts, news publications, and Telegram channels.
Albite Zurita
Jhuma Khatun
Riya Pal
Albite Zurita and 100 others use Web3 Mega Bundle: Data For Outreach
28 reviews
Revscale Sales™ empowers entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprises to accelerate their time-to-market and their revenues. Acting as an AI-powered cofounder, Revscale efficiently delivers qualified prospects within the target market to your sales teams
Scott Howard
Mike Looney
Scott Howard and 46 others use Revscale™
Trustmary Solo
50 reviews
Improve website conversion rate with reviews, testimonials, and lead generation forms supercharged with social proof. Don’t have enough reviews or testimonials? No problem, collecting unlimited testimonials (also video) is included for free!
Nathan Cooper
Carmen Judson
Nathan Cooper and 57 others use Trustmary Solo
173 reviews
Prospect 31M Companies & 770M People from LinkedIn in Clay. Then, enrich, research, and act on live people and company data sets to get those positive responses you've always wanted from your dream customers. Cut your manual work, reduce reliance on Upwork, and keep engineering time focused on your beautiful product. Get started today, for free.
Jackie Luo
Rishab Hegde
Angel Ceballos
Jackie Luo and 220 others use Clay
Become proactive about your most valuable asset – your relationships. 🗂️ Centralize all your professional contacts in a lightweight CRM 📥 Organize your messy Inbox and never miss opportunities ⬇️ Export and bulk remove your connections 🏷 Filter, sort & tag (label), your connections 🗝 Unlock data & signals from your network 📧 Send personalized messages at scale ✅ Create Tasks & Reminders 🤝 Collaborate with your team ⚡️ Build workflows No distractions. No ads. Just results & growth.
Luka Vasic
Vedran Rasic
Shawn Finder
Luka Vasic and 126 others use LeadDelta professional relationships CRM
41 reviews
Show your product in action with interactive demos, product videos, and step-by-step guides. Create engaging product content in a breeze with Floik—no matter how quickly your product changes. Educate users, maximize customer delight, and drive adoption.
Umar Saleem
Aditi Shrivastava | TheCapTable
Charlie Patel
Umar Saleem and 132 others use Floik
39 reviews
Wondercraft is the easy and enjoyable way to create professional, studio-quality audio for all your projects — podcasts, audiobooks, ads, company communications, anything you want — and effortlessly translate your content for a global audience – all in one place.
Oskar Serrander
Craig and 139 others use Wondercraft
The Org
41 reviews
The Org is the world's biggest network of public org charts. Join us on our mission to make organizations more transparent!
Heini Zachariassen
David Laubner
Selcuk Senturk
Heini Zachariassen and 97 others use The Org
Make business decisions based on market needs, conduct insightful customer interviews, and discover customers' words for your copy. Copywriters, marketers, and business owners from 36 countries already benefit from The Templates.
Philippe Vella
Kate Chasten
Tanjir Rahman
Philippe Vella and 63 others use The Customer Research Report
170 reviews is a B2B sales automation platform offering a variety of tools for lead generation, cold outreach, email deliverability, sales management and more. Explore new lead channels, automate time-consuming tasks and grow your business better with
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Hugo Hamel
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