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Customer support software is a type of software used by businesses to manage and streamline their customer support operations. It typically includes features such as ticket management, live chat, knowledge base management, and customer relationship management (CRM) integration.
Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
Solo entrepreneurs and small teams reclaim several hours each week thanks to typedesk text expander. Create text shortcuts that work across all your apps and websites for all your repetitive text content! Forget manual copy & paste, ditch repetitive typing!
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Bobby Hamilton
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B2B Rocket
90 reviews
B2B Rocket is a revolutionary sales automation platform powered by proprietary AI agents. It navigates the entire sales lifecycle, from lead generation to conversion,
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Sandhya Mishra
Dorothy Thompson
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30 reviews
Design chatbots & conversational apps powered by Large Language Models (LLM). Share them freely with our community of chatbot developers, automation specialists, conversation and prompt designers. Mix & match AI with rules and a human element to bring your perfect conversation design to life 🖥⚡️💬 It's open-source and it can be both on cloud or your own infrastructure. Without knowing how to code, and for free!
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Business Marketing with Nika
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48 reviews
Simpia - AI Virtual Piano Instructor, we offer all-in-one personalized piano learning, whether you're a beginner or intermediate player. You can achieve the fastest results with detailed guidance on every single aspect.
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Thomas Tran
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DevRev PLuG
25 reviews
DevRev helps product-led companies displace Intercom, Zendesk, and Jira, with a singular CRM experience. The first app on the platform is PLuG, a conversation widget that integrates your customer conversations with your product and work
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129 reviews
Discover our Customer Messaging Platform for Startups & SMB's. The one stop for sales, marketing & support in one software : Crisp. 14 Days free trial. No credit-card required. Try now ! We provide Knowledge base, Team Inbox, Chatbot, CRM and multiple other features to let you build your own way to customer success.
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Edouard PETIT
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You can respond to requests from all communication channels in a single application, follow your visitors. With chatbot integration on whatsapp and social media, you can automatically do all your flow and work, and provide 24/7 support and service.
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Jeremiah Brock
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My AskAI
27 reviews
The first AI assistant made from the ground up for SaaS businesses. Automatically generated insights on all user conversations, human handover to existing chat tools, and weekly site updates enable you to delight users, increase activation and reduce churn.
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Rohit Agarwal
Julia Yu
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67 reviews
Modern customer communication software for real-time, proactive, and personalized #CustomerSupport using a Human+ #Chatbot + Generative AI interface for growing businesses
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Devashish Mamgain
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16 reviews
Frigade combines drop-in React UI components with flexible APIs to activate more users, increase feature adoption, and drive expansion revenue. Quickly build onboarding flows, product upsells, feature tours, and more with Frigade.
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Luke Hutchison
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