The best team collaboration software in 2024

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Zerve AISwitFindreXo PlatformTakeTurns
Team collaboration software is like your digital workspace, providing a centralized platform for team members to communicate, collaborate, and work together effectively. These software solutions offer a range of features to facilitate seamless collaboration and improve team produ
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Zerve AI
48 reviews
Zerve’s Data Science Development Environment gives data science and ML teams a unified space to explore, collaborate, build and deploy data science & AI projects.
Phil Mishanin
Roman Rodomansky
Phil Mishanin and 93 others use Zerve AI
183 reviews
App-switching destroys efficiency by adding friction to your workflow, wasting time and money. Swit 2.0 offers messaging, project management, plug-ins, and integrations in one place at a fraction of the cost, with flexible options to fit any team and any budget.
Vladimir Vladimirov
Phil Mishanin
Dilara Khatun
Vladimir Vladimirov and 406 others use Swit
127 reviews
Eliminate live meetings, share feedback with screen recording and voiceovers, and stay on track with smart reminders. Free to use.
Sandy Hubbard
Tom Medema
Suzanne Noble
Sandy Hubbard and 178 others use Bubbles
48 reviews
The truth is, we’re juggling more apps than ever. From important links in slack to comments in notion to emails in Gmail, information is scattered across multiple places. This leads to time wasted on searching rather than doing. With Findr, you can now search links, documents, and scattered information across all your apps from a single search bar.
Business Marketing with Nika
Ghulam Abbas
Vlad Zivkovic
Business Marketing with Nika and 90 others use Findr
Transform isolated meetings into a collaborative journey. Connect all meetings and messages around the same topic in a single space, track key points via AI-generated short highlights, video message your short updates on any progress, and let AI follow up on the actions. Link your meetings with AI assistance. 🤖
Mayank K Sahu
Mehmet Yitmen and 30 others use Huudle AI Project Assistant
eXo Platform
29 reviews
eXo Platform is a full-featured and comprehensive digital workplace solution. We want to help you embrace new ways of engaging and collaborating at work. With features like internal communications, seamless team collaboration, and efficient knowledge management, it's the ultimate tool for boosting productivity and enhancing employee engagement.
Wassim Zlitni
Victor Asu
Etinam Umana
Wassim Zlitni and 32 others use eXo Platform
12 reviews
You can finally ditch Google Docs... Seriously. Write better and faster with writing software you actually enjoy writing in, built-in notes and outlining board, tools for focus, and collaboration purpose built for the writing and editing process.
Kaleigh Moore 🍕
Jimmy Daly
Rob Carpenter
Kaleigh Moore 🍕 and 42 others use ButterDocs
22 reviews
TakeTurns is a turn-based collaboration platform to securely work on business-critical documents and files with people outside of your organization. With TakeTurns, it’s always clear who does what and when.
Kate Chasten
Ill Robyn
Qudsia Ali and 123 others use TakeTurns
11 reviews
Factsplat lets you organize anything online. Move your links, documents, tools and tabs into organized dashboards. Create the perfect starting point for your work, projects or any other purpose. Set up your personal digital structure, with graph technology.
Ghost Kitty
Svenn-Helge Vatne
Alicja Dominas
Ghost Kitty and 16 others use Factsplat
83 reviews
Zoho Cliq, a team communication app powers business productivity by organizing people, conversations & workflows in one single place. Sign up now!
Sherrin John
Hariprasad Rengarajan
Sherrin John and 84 others use Zoho Cliq