The best calendar apps in 2024

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Fajr CalendarbeamsDola: AI Calendar AssistantTrackScholarRank
Calendar apps are designed to help you schedule and organize your time more effectively. These apps typically offer a range of features, including scheduling, task management, and reminders, making it easier for users to stay on top of their schedule and tasks. Scheduling is a ke
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Fajr Calendar
47 reviews
🌙 Fajr Calendar: The Easiest Way to Add Prayer times and Islamic events to your calendar Google Calendar! 🕌📅 Stay productive without missing your prayers!
Soroosh Rabet
Ayman Mahgoub
Leo Henry
Soroosh Rabet and 106 others use Fajr Calendar
94 reviews
Constant context switching, too many open tabs and distracting notifications - sounds familiar? beams gently guides you through your busy workday - directly from the menu bar. Joining a call or going into undisturbed focus time is now only a keystroke away. Stay tuned!
John Borthwick
Michael Sieb
Bud Hennekes
John Borthwick and 169 others use beams
Easier, smarter, and faster: Dola AI agent calendar assistant turns even the most complicated commands in text, voice messages, or images into clear calendar events right in your messaging app. It also syncs with your existing calendar!
Victor Zhang
Bartosz Sokolinski
Victor Zhang and 56 others use Dola: AI Calendar Assistant
22 reviews
Arrange is the easiest way to create, share, and manage a schedule that others can add to their calendars.
Ghost Kitty
Apekshani Perera
Ahmed Mohamed
Ghost Kitty and 64 others use Arrange
36 reviews
Schedule meetings effortlessly. Advanced natural language based event creation and sharing availability. Unlimited & Customisable booking links. Multiple accounts & support for timezones.Group voting and schedule while using Whatsapp, LinkedIn, iMessage
Saba Karim
Kaushik Subramanian
Aditya Mohanty
Saba Karim and 42 others use Track
16 reviews
ScholarRank is an AI-powered platform for teachers and universities, where teachers can easily generate questions by just uploading their subject pdf, PPT, etc. enabling home assignments, class tests, and online exam scheduling. It offers features like classroom chat, file sharing, and live classrooms, assisting in student performance management. It also helps students with their queries related to their doubts, any coding questions can be easily answered.
om prakash thakur
Thomas jhon
Talk To Videos
om prakash thakur and 21 others use ScholarRank
49 reviews
Streamlined scheduling, agendas, and meeting notes in one place. Effortlessly manage your calendar, create agendas, and capture meeting moments. Maximize productivity with Retime. Try it now!
Hadi Farnoud
Nasser Ghanemzadeh
Vahid Jozi
Hadi Farnoud and 115 others use Retime
103 reviews
The smartest calendar is the one that lets you make the most of your time, your way. Morgen gives you complete control of how you plan, prioritize, and manage your time. - Unify your calendars, task managers, time blocking, and schedulers for a holistic view of your time - Activate calendar automation and deploy the smart workflows that accelerate how you work - Build custom workflows based on how you work and integrated with your favorite tools to create a productivity powerhouse
Jānis Krūms
James Hicks
Jānis Krūms and 245 others use Morgen
78 reviews
Routine is an all-in-one work platform: documentation, projects, wiki, calendars, tasks, contacts and more.
jon bradford
Edouard PETIT
Rob Woodbridge
jon bradford and 200 others use Routine
38 reviews
Loopin helps you drive great meetings without any effort. 👀 Focus on the conversation while Loopin records the meeting 📝 Stop making notes tirelessly. Get perfect meeting summaries 🔗 Send directly to Hubspot, Slack, Email, or Notion ⭐️ Prepare with recaps sent directly to your inbox 🧠 Chat with your meeting. Never miss any important detail
Parth Pareek
Anurag Varma
Bhagawat Dongre
Parth Pareek and 60 others use Loopin