The best project management software in 2024

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Project management software helps teams and individuals plan, organize, and track projects efficiently. It provides a centralized platform for managing tasks, resources, timelines, and communication within a project.
Goldcast Content Lab
Goldcast Content Lab
AI-Powered Campaign Creation: Repurpose B2B Videos in Clicks
162 reviews is an AI-powered product discovery and strategy platform that helps product teams uncover problems to solve for customers, decide what to build next, and create strategies to drive outcomes.
Business Marketing with Nika
Kas Szatylowicz
Bobby Hamilton
Business Marketing with Nika and 155 others use
183 reviews
App-switching destroys efficiency by adding friction to your workflow, wasting time and money. Swit 2.0 offers messaging, project management, plug-ins, and integrations in one place at a fraction of the cost, with flexible options to fit any team and any budget.
Vladimir Vladimirov
Phil Mishanin
Dilara Khatun
Vladimir Vladimirov and 406 others use Swit
Elevate your business's profitability with Gryzzly : Your team-favorite Slack and Microsoft Teams chatbot that simplifies time tracking, boosts billable hours and enhances budget control. 🦾 Supercharged with AI Machine Learning
Exo Cody
Falak Naz Khan
Rose Brown
Exo Cody and 32 others use Gryzzly Time and budget Tracking
446 reviews
The project management tool that grows with you. Zenkit gives you the flexibility to create custom workflows, and the freedom to organize your data the way you want.
Ismail El Kasmi
Froher Yosofy
Rostane Gribi
Ismail El Kasmi and 88 others use Zenkit
59 reviews
Cycle is the fastest way for your team to capture product feedback and share customer insights - without the busywork 👉
Zach Holman
Ahmed Men
Caroline Clark
Zach Holman and 102 others use Cycle
112 reviews
xTiles is a visual workspace for organizing ideas and projects. Keep a context and see the big picture to support your thinking, writing, or ideation. Loved by creatives for simplicity and flexibility.
Mike Taylor
Goutham Bandaru
Joanna Kurylo
Mike Taylor and 196 others use xTiles
55 reviews
Frame is a unified suite of productivity apps built for teams. It's fast, minimalist, and collaborative. We've regrouped all the mini apps you need to operate as teams under one unified hub, so you can focus on getting stuff done.
Nicolas Baranowski
Olivier Verdin
Pagandai V Pannirselvam
Nicolas Baranowski and 78 others use Frame
28 reviews is an AI-driven, intuitive workflow management app. You can automate your workflows, manage tasks, set priorities, allocate time, and track your team's performance all in one place. With our tailor-made workflows, your team can remove the need for dedicated tools, and cover up to 80% of all processes with our app. Achieve reliable, repeatable, and successful outcomes every single time! PS. has a seamless integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams
Tanjir Rahman
Martin Velkovski
Karina Garcia
Tanjir Rahman and 105 others use
20 reviews
All in one project management platform which manages your firm’s issues, finances, supports remote team work and HR processes.
Tanjir Rahman
Babatunde Pelumi
Żaneta Siwik
Tanjir Rahman and 30 others use Firmbee
20 reviews
Using robust data and AI search, HUSSLUP is a professional network that connects creative freelancers with each other and with the entertainment companies that need to staff them. Freelancers fast-forward their careers and companies save time and money.
Arjun Dev Arora
Alex Kruglov
Travis Katz
Arjun Dev Arora and 38 others use HUSSLUP