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Tools to make meetings easier. The best course of action is to just have *less* meetings, but if that's not possible you might as well find a tool that helps you plan, summarize, or have more efficient ones.
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94 reviews
Constant context switching, too many open tabs and distracting notifications - sounds familiar? beams gently guides you through your busy workday - directly from the menu bar. Joining a call or going into undisturbed focus time is now only a keystroke away. Stay tuned!
John Borthwick
Michael Sieb
Bud Hennekes
John Borthwick and 169 others use beams
92 reviews
Meetgeek enables teams to supercharge their online meetings. 💬Video recording & Transcription 🦾 AI meeting notes 🎙️ Record, transcribe & use voice commands 🔎 Search conversations & track topics 🤲 Share meeting highlights 🌐 Multi-language support
Ilko Kacharov [Team-GPT]
Nataliya Burdeynyuk
Ilko Kacharov [Team-GPT] and 67 others use MeetGeek
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Leapsome is the intelligent people platform that enables managers with the right tools and insights to develop, align and engage their teams. Our latest launch makes productive meetings available for everyone, for free. Take control of your 1:1s, stand-ups and all-hands with Leapsome Meetings. Collaborate on agendas, assign action items, and ensure everyone stays on track. Get started for free today.
Asaf Fybish
Sebastian Karges
Kajetan Armansperg
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Powered by advanced speech and Natural Language Processing technologies, Vocol is a one-stop voice collaboration platform designed to boost work efficiency by turning voice and data into actionable insights.
Nabeel Amir and 177 others use Vocol.AI
105 reviews
Claap is the all-in-one video workspace where you can share video updates, record meetings and organize video content. It's screen recording, meeting recording and a video wiki, all in one place.
Ahmed Men
Jonathan Userovici
Emma Ruth Phillips
Ahmed Men and 110 others use Claap
Backtrack 2.0
32 reviews
Backtrack is a meeting recording app that overwrites a 5 hour window of audio/video over and over throughout the day, locally on your Mac. It allows you to privately save anything you've seen, said, or heard in the past and turn it into AI notes/summaries.
McKeever Conwell,II
Sarah Evans
McKeever Conwell,II and 67 others use Backtrack 2.0
Spellar AI
39 reviews
Spellar AI is AI-powered Speaking Copilot for MacOS As non-native English speakers ourselves, we understand the challenges of improving English proficiency, especially in remote work where clear communication is crucial Spellar boosts productivity and language proficiency for online meetings. It provides real-time tips, generates tasks, summaries, and offers personalized feedback for improving speaking skills. It's your aid for crucial interviews and presentations or regular meetings
Yaroslav Zubko
Artem Konovalov 💎
Abhishek Bhardwaj
Yaroslav Zubko and 109 others use Spellar AI
Teameet is a free video conferencing app that enables you to have high-quality video meetings without limitation on duration. It provides a secure and reliable platform to chat with colleagues, make calls, and share your screen, all within one platform. Various supports of AI powers are used for optimizing audio & video qualities, adding fun and superises, and taking automatic meeting notes as well as searchable records.
Theressa Torres
Matthew Knapp
Theressa Torres and 36 others use Teameet - Free Video Conferencing
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Always come prepared. Never forget a conversation. Bloks is your personal sidekick that maximizes every interaction.
Marc Gingras
Rian Robertson
Farayi Chambati
Marc Gingras and 65 others use Bloks
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Shepherd is a Chrome extension that plugs directly into the Google Calendar and Google Meet for teams to take collaborative notes, set custom agendas and assign action items, as well as connect with other productivity apps. Everything in one place!
Jamie Gotz
Daniel Stern
Frances Reyes
Jamie Gotz and 40 others use Shepherd